modern attitudes

I recently heard a few funny but quite apt shers on the attitudes of the present generation, in a recent gathering at a friends place one evening.
I post them herebelow as I heard them in the local flavours– Hindi or Punjabi,alongwith my passable translations, so that friends who are not good in these languages,can also enjoy them :
Hum unn sey pyaar kartey hain
Woh hum sey pyaar kartey hain
Naan woh hum sey baat kartey hain
Naan hum unn sey baat kartey hain
Bus ek doosrey ko dekh kar
Time pass kiya kartey hain.
I love her
She loves me.
Neither I talk to her
Nor she talks to me
We just keep looking at each other
And play “Time Pass”,you see !!
Ki kariyey lokaan daa
Har gull noon lok jhamela kehndey nein
Jey SMS naan kariyey, taan kanjoos,
Jey kariyey,taan vehlaa kehndey nein !!
What shall I say about people
They have names for all us guys
If I don’t send an SMS,
They call me a miserly person   
If I keep sending SMS
They term me an idle boy !!
Nakhraa aap ka tauba tauba
Kyaa aapka style hai
Message kabhi karna nahin
Shor machaa rakha hai–
” Hammarey pass Mobile hai !!”
What to talk of her attitude- wow
What to talk of her fancy style-wow
She never sends a message ever,
But shouts to let everyone know:
“Hey ! I have a new Mobile
A new Mobile  !! ”   Wow ! Wow !!
Uss ney mehndi lagga rakhi thi
Humm nein uss ki doli ko uthaa rakha thaa
Humm ko maloom thaa ki
Woh bey-wafaa niklegi,
Issi liye humm ney uss ki
Chhoti behn ko patta rakhaa thaa !!
She had applied henna on her hands
She was bedecked as a lovely bride
I was one of the bearers of her palanquin
I knew she would ditch me and take me for a ride 
So I had planned a stand by strategy,
Which you may term as sinister- 
I had made a secret pact you see
To elope with and marry the bride’s younger sister !!
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9 Responses to modern attitudes

  1. seshu chamarty says:

    Brocaji, your last one is hilarious,

    What a mister

    sister and sinister

    reminds me a gangster 🙂

    Seshu Chamarty, Hyderabad
    Sep 12, 2009

  2. shail raghuvanshi says:

    That is indeed hilarious. Nice.

    Shail Raghuvanshi, Chennai, India
    Sep 12, 2009

  3. mamta agarwal says:

    Broca ji, these are hilarious. They also throw light on modern attitudes: hi and bye where is the time to cry.

    Mamta Agarwal, Noida- UP
    Sep 12, 2009

  4. Satyananda says:

    Brocaji, Very lively and hilarious. Kudos.

    Ch J Satyananda Kumar, Visakhapatnam
    Sep 12, 2009

  5. jasneet kaur says:

    Respected Broca Sir,
    I always admire your outlook on various issues in life in a hilarious and light hearted manner.I really enjoyed the second sher on People Always Talk, underlying a teaching that one should not be afraid of comments or criticism from people and take them in a positive manner.
    Great work done Sir, all your shers portray the importance of Strategic Management.

    Jasneet Kaur, New Delhi
    Sep 12, 2009

  6. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Seshuji and Shail ji, thanks a lot for enjoying the hilarity expressed in my posting. Keep smiling and spread the smiles for miles and miles.

    J S Broca, New Delhi
    Sep 12, 2009

  7. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Mamta ji, Satya ji and Jasneet ji, many thanks for your feedback and lively responses. If you have all smiled, my purpose is served.

    J S Broca, New Delhi
    Sep 12, 2009

  8. Soman Panicker says:

    Hello JSB, a very lively collection of paradoxes; in fact, the study of such amusing situations are my favorites too. Congrats.

    Soman Panicker, Shoranur
    Sep 13, 2009

  9. DR POOJA says:

    Jitoo Uncle, I too enjoyed the last one. I join Seshu Uncle as he also liked it. Here is some more icing to your cake :

    “Idhar mere seene mein khanjar chalegi…
    udhar unke haathon mein mehendi rachegi…

    Enjoyed your shayaris, Best wishes.

    Dr Pooja G Bhuyar, Bijapur
    Sep 13, 2009

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