Ode to BT…..

The issue of BT dared 26th July 09 was quite interesting.
In appreciation, I wrote the following Ode to BT on 18th
July 09 and sent it to the Editor BT. I shall wait to see if
it is published in the next issue of BT or not.
      Nandan Nilekani
                                         Nandan Nilekani
Business Today
Dear Editor,here’s an Ode to BT :
Your issue dated 26th July
Titled “Going For Broke”
Gave me here a nudge
And there a little poke !
Your “Myth & Reality” Focus
On our scanty Monsoon
Was very apt and timely
And not a bit too soon.
Reading “How The Rich Deal
With Recession”
Sent my good mood
Into a deep depression !
While the worlds richest millionaires
Sail on yachts and fly
Luxury planes in the airs,
You and poor poor me
Aren’t a wee bit fine,
As we struggle to pay
Our Income “Tax-on-Line” !
Your sincere opinion on
“Railways on Fast Track
Deserve a hearty
Pat on your back.
The great cover story
On The Budget and its bloomers
Balance interview with
“Price Waterhouse Coopers “
Unique profile of Mister
Nandan Nilekani
Tasted like our own
Home grown “Daal Makhaani”
“Stop Kissing Frogs” will certainly
Make our Managers more bold,
“How Satyam Was Sold”
Was a “doosra” well-bowled !
Ah ! Yes ! Your Free “MORE”.
Was a heavenly piece of cake.
I wonder from where
You guys learnt how to bake !
Leggy “Mugdha Godse
Was cute and nice,
A virtual feast
For our sore eyes !
Yes, my heart did
A double-take,
I certainly didn’t fake.
She was the proverbial
Cherry on the cake !!
                                             Mugdha Godse 
PS: Note for the Editor :
Please don’t chop
My ode
Due to usual
Space constraints,
I implore you,Sir,
Its my labour of love
For BT- unrestrained  !!
J .S.Broca
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  1. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Readers, an abridged version of this ode was published on page 10 under the feature “Readers’ Forum” in the latest issue of BT dated 23rd August 09. Here it is:

    “Your issue dated 26th July/Titled Going For Broke/Gave me here a nudge/And there a little poke/Your Myth & Reality Focus/On our scanty monsoon/Was very apt and timely/And not a bit too soon/Reading How The Rich Deal With Recession/Sent my good mood/Into a deep depression/Your unique profile of Nandan Nilekani/Tasted like our own /Home grown “Daal Makhaani”/How Satyam Was Sold/Was a “doosra” well-bowled ! ”

    -J S Broca,New Delhi

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