Eurozone Jobless ….

Following news item appeared in Financial Express of 02.07.09 :

Euro Zone jobless rate balloons to 10-year high

London: The unemployment rate in the 16-nation euro zone ballooned to 9.5 per cent in May, the highest in 10 years, as the economies in the region continued to grapple with deepening recession. For the 16 countries sharing the common currency euro, the jobless rate is the highest since May 1999.

On reading the above news, my reaction was as under :
A famous song in our Bollywod film, I recall with a sigh,
Teri do takiyaan di naukri,mera laakhon ka saawan jaaye,” 
We lament the loss of jobs in India like in other countries,
“The situation in India is better”, says our humble mantri,
“Looking at the % of  all employed countrymen/women,
We are quite comfortable, lets thank the heavens,
We still have our daal,roti and chaawal to munch,
While Eurozone guys face the recessionary crunch, 
We have our gadgets,gizmos,cars and AC saloons,
While they fly their 10 year high unemployment balloons !
Lets say ‘Jai Ho’ for our poor aam aadmi, dear brother…. “
So saying,the minister flies off, in his own helicopter !!
Your comments,reactions,responses are welcome.
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3 Responses to Eurozone Jobless ….

  1. chandra mouli says:

    Jitoo sir,
    True.Consoling oneself one has to say jai ho!
    Your poem is nice,rhyming good.
    more in demand.

  2. seshu chamarty says:

    Keep observing, Broca. You are right.

    Seshu Chamarty, Hyderabad
    Jul 17, 2009

  3. venkataraman says:

    Though I love your poetry
    In my inner heart I have no glee
    To God I make an honest plea
    To show upon Europe mercy
    Edison, Einstein, Ford and Faraday
    Along with other genii showed a way
    For those countries I truly pray
    Surely Lord Krisna will show the best way
    But your poetry is classic
    The humor stopped my feeling sick
    Your words have done a strange trick
    All my wounds you have helped me lick

    M V Venkataraman, Chennai
    Jul 17, 2009

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