Deadly Katrina

The Web’s Deadliest Searches :
This is a snippet from the latest issue of Business Today (issue dated 28th June 09)
As per a report by a security firm McAfee, it has identified over 2600 popular words,which when keyed in on any popular search engine,exposes a computer to hackers.
Some of these words are :
Katrina Kaif,
Shahid Kapur,
Rediffmail and
How To Earn Money .
As per the survey,out of above, Katrina Kaif search on an average has been around 28.6 % of all searches,while How To Earn Money has been around 16.7%.
So dear computer buffs,beware of Katrina-surfing or else, you will risk your computer to malware.
Reading this snippet,tickled me pink and this is what my grey cells came out with :
Kaif Katrina,
Oh,Kaif Katrina,
You are one gazab ki haseena,
Agar search kiya tujh ko,
Tau kya milla mujh ko,
Ek saala hacker,bada hi kameena,
Computer ko diya malware ka paseena,
Dushwar hua apun ka, marna aur jeena.
Kaif Katrina,
Oh, Kaif Katrina !!
So let’s learn a lesson from this news item.
Don’t search for such cool and se_y babes on the web.
It may be deadly for you and your computer.
Wish to add something to this piece ?
Go ahead without any fear !!



The web’s deadliest searches.
Keying in ‘how to earn money’ or ‘Katrina Kaif’ on any popular search engine, could expose a computer to hackers.
A report by security firm McAfee identifies over 2,600 such popular keywords which risk exposing a computer to malware
Image I had sent my comments on the above news report to BUSINESS TODAY and in its latest issue dated 12TH JULY 2009,my comments have been published on page 6 under the heading of ‘Readers’ Forum’ with a title :” Oh,Kaif Katrina”.I reproduce the same herebelow :
On reading your The Web’s Deadliest Searches (BT ,June 28th),I could not resist the urge to go spooftacular:
Oh,Kaif Katrina / You may be one gazab ki haseena / But agar search kiya tujh ko / Phir kya milla mujh ko / Ek hacker / Jo computer ko diya malware ka paseena / Oh, Kaif Katrina !
On a more serious note,your article does hold some instructive lessons for web searchers.As many of us have discovered to our own peril,searching for people like Katrina Kaif on the web may or may not be fun but you do run the risk of infecting your computer with deadly virus.
J S Broca ,through e-mail.
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2 Responses to Deadly Katrina

  1. skbajaj says:

    Well done, good analysis, great advise

    All the best in your retired life. hope you donot sit idle and keep writing/ sharing your knowledge and experiences

    New Delhi

  2. chandra mouli says:

    Dear Jatinder ji,
    I do like Katrina and Kareena.
    Now that I know it is not prudent to type katrina, may I go for Kareena type?
    Kuch gadbad hai, usage mein.
    Poetic license , shall we call it? Aur ye malware kya sir? We have seen these sirens in smallwear.
    Where lies problem if they know what to wear, when and how?
    Maal hai tau kuch wear karegaanaa ?
    Yeh maal kya, ware kya? Ayyo, Bindu ji, aap tau batao jee!
    Jeetu saab sab ko pareshani kar rahe hai.
    badiya posting, sir.
    Jee kartaa hai rosy satinwaali ( not satanwaali ) Khatreena ko touch karun mouse se. mouth se nahi ![Hindi maut nahi]
    But it may result in maut ki sazaa for my computer.
    Why invite trouble ji?
    See and enjoy.I will .As advised .


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