An inspiring poem and my re-action to it .

I was so impressed by a recent poem by one of my dear classmates that I just cannot refrain from posting it on my blog so that a vast majority of readers can read it and re-act


Poetry By Shernaz Wadia, Nov 01, 2008, Pune.

(Shernaz can be reached through



“Enforced isolation”

Swamped by the darkness as it grew
cawing, from cable to cable he flew,
loathe to return to an empty nest

Gloom framed the teary-eyed widow
as she stood at her lonesome window –
a still-life painting, tight-lipped

Incidental pin-points on society’s map
she and her ilk, drained of life’s sap
live in forced seclusion

The crow still has the freedom of the sky;
consigned to living death, she must cry
in the eerie confines of her soul

Not for her the colors of mirth and cheer,
only the grey of his ashes must she smear
on her youth, her passions, her desires

A walking tomb of crucified dreams
happiness throttled by inaudible screams
a Sati on traditions gruesome pyre!


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