Three Things….

Three Things …

During a recent visit to a court for attending a hearing of our bank’s recovery case, I got talking to an old gentleman of around 70, while we were waiting for our cases to be called. I gathered that he was a practising advocate. He had retired around 10 years ago after more than 4 decades of service as an administrative officer in a local college. I casually enquired about his welfare, health, family etc. What I learnt from him in return. was indeed a real golden nugget piece of solid but practical philosophy.

He said he was a happy and a satisfied man, for he still had those three things important in one’s life. “Which three things?” I asked. He smiled but did not reply. I ventured:

 Roti,Kapda, Makaan ? ” ( food, clothing and shelter ).

 He smiled again and shook his head.” Are they money, family, children ?” I tried again. 

“No” he said at last, and seeing the perplexed look on my face, he enlightened me thus: 

“Broca ji, woh  teen cheezein hain : ” channey, daant aur  haazma” ! (those three things are roasted grams, teeth and digestion ) 

Like a wise sage, he went on : ” If God gives us channa, He does not give us teeth with which to eat them. If God gives us both channa and teeth, He does not give us a good digestive power with which to digest the channa ! “         

He concluded by saying:” Lucky is he, like me, who has all the three things in life, so far, by the grace of God. I eat simple food, I still have all my teeth intact, I am healthy and fit and can digest what I eat.” 

We parted company, after our bank’s case number was called by the court’s section officer…….

Dear readers, ponder on that …….!!


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2 Responses to Three Things….

  1. Chandra Mouli says:

    Is se aur kyaa chahiye ye zindagi mein?
    Ek dam bahut badhiya aur jaroor jaan ne kee cheez hai yeh.
    Is ke pehele aaz meine paadha aap ke[not ur dhoti ] dhoti ka discourse.
    I admire you for ability of blending info with facts of life in a humourous and enjayable way.
    joordaar taali….

  2. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Mouli ji ,thanks for your response. Peanuts (moongphali) literally also means something very small in value (eg I got peanuts for the job) but if you have nothing else to eat then even moongphali tastes like manna from heavens. What do you say Sir ?

    J S Broca , New Delhi
    Jun 5, 2009

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