On my retirement…

On my retirement

My dear friend and fellow Muse-ician Dr Pooja, has penned a delightful poem for me on this occasion. Thanks Pooja.

Readers, here is the poem and a few responses on it from others of the Muse  Pariwar :


 Singh is King

(Mr J S Broca retires from active bank service on May 31, 2009. Today is his last working day. I wish to present this poem to Jitoo  uncle on this special day.)

 Self effacing about his achievements,

Interesting are his interpretations,

Nuggets of wisdom in all his lines,

‘Gutka’, a collection of Holy hymns from Guru Granth Sahib, he reads,

Happiness, humility and hard work are his keys,

‘Iron will’ he possesses and a ‘man of integrity’ he is,

Stalwart in every walk of life,

Knowledge and ability are his assets,

Irrepressible sense of humour contained in him,

Noteworthy examples are his novel ideas,

God bless him with all the happiness in life…


I take this opportunity of wishing Jeetu ji, on behalf of Muse India as well as on my own, a happy and active life beyond retirement. Given his varied interests and irrepressible sense of humour, he is bound to remain popular and much-in-demand always. I wish that he be blessed with a healthy and long life so that he continues to spread cheer among all. In fact, for a person like Jeetu ji there is nothing like ‘retirement’ and he will ‘bash on regardless’ to use Sam’s famous line.

G S P Rao, Hyderabad, May 30th 2009.


 Very affectionate and a warm tribute.

Mamta Agarwal, NOIDA, May 30th 2009.

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1 Response to On my retirement…

  1. Lina Mistry says:

    Dear Brocaji, A retirement should be congratulated or not, let me know. What ever you may have postponed all these years, you can do now. Cheers Brocaji,

    Regards and love to you both.

    Lina Mistry/Tandel, Varginia. USA
    May 31, 2009

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