more desi limericks……

more desi limericks……

1. chak dey !!

a sohni kuddi from kalkatta,
decided to chak dey–fatta,
so she bowled a solid googly
throwing her hubby into the hooghly,
now,nobody knows his atta-patta !!

2. malaai maar key !!

a sweet young wife from chennai,
loved eating all the malaai,
“oh mere footey karam,
this girl has no sharram,”
said her sasu,seeing the empty kadahi !!

3. lassi peeyo ji !!

a healthy college girl from ambarsarr,
of eating-veating,she had no darr-varr !
once she ate chholey bhathoorey,
imagine–8 plates poorey !
and finished them with lassi–a jug bharr !!


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7 Responses to more desi limericks……

  1. Would love to hear you read these with the thet punjabi accent!!! They were truly smart compositions.

  2. Gautam Nadkarni says:

    Dear Jatinder jee, Fun-tastic desi limericks. Keep it up! Warm regards,

    Gautam Nadkarni, Mumbai
    Apr 29, 2009

  3. Dr Pooja says:

    Jitoo Uncle, Too good. You have humour genes in your body.I need to ask a scientist if they exist. If no, then you stand as an exception as you have them. Enjoyed. Have a great day.

    Dr Pooja G Bhuyar, Bijapur
    Apr 30, 2009

  4. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Gautamji, Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

    J S Broca , New Delhi
    Apr 30, 2009

  5. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Pooja, thanks for your witty feedback. I have inherited some of the genes from my parents. My late father loved shero-shayari, wrote in urdu, sang love ballads and was a jolly good fellow, much in demand during family get-to-gethers like marriages etc. My late mother was a devout lady who used to play harmonium and sing hymns from Guru Granth Sahib in the Gurudwara. She was equally adept in singing marriage songs (naughty ones) and regaling the crowds during lady sangeet and mehndi ceremonies in family marriages. My late late Nanaji (mummy’s father) was another person who used to keep us entertained with his funny mimicry of English speaking “burra” sahibs of British and who loved to shake his legs in a “barrat” with his walking-stick in the air. We are and were real specimens! No?

    J S Broca , New Delhi
    Apr 30, 2009

  6. Kumarendra Mallick says:

    Jatinder saheb, Desi limerick is so nice to read and enjoy than chosing names like Mary, Judy, Smith etc just to rhyme. You show a great sense of humour in all your writings, best regards

    Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad
    Apr 30, 2009

  7. nilouffer says:

    You are a wonderful combine of your mother, father and Nanaji`s genes all rolled into one! You take any subject and make it so hilarious one has to laugh.Thanks for making life fun.Keep writing and putting a smile in your readers lives!!

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