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Going ga-ga over green

My son Hardeep is an avid photographer. Over the years he has developed a keen eye and has become a passionate nature lover. His photographs have a spark of rare insights into nature in all its glory. Recently he clicked  … Continue reading

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Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji ‘s verse in Persian

Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji ‘s verse in Persian Some of the Readers must be aware of the history of Sikhs and the significant role played by our tenth Guru–Shri Guru Gobind Singhji. As is known, He was a Saint, … Continue reading

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Persian Sher

Persian Sher   My late father was well versed in Urdu language.He had also learnt some Persian while in school in Pakistan (Rawalpindi).He used to recite Shers in Persian.One of the most popular shers of his was as under : … Continue reading

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Shayari Flu !

Shayari Flu ! My friend and poetess Dr Pooja composed a “sher” and had sent it to me for approval and improvement if need be. I liked it and translated it into English.Thereafter Dr Pooja posted it in Muse.The avalanche of … Continue reading

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Thinking aloud

Thinking aloud Yesterday I turned SIXTY. So today I took some time off to collect some quotes on old-age, retirement etc.  Here are the ones that I loved: 1. On my 60th birthday, my wife gave me a superb birthday … Continue reading

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On turning sixty…

ON TURNING SIXTY :               Too soon old, too late, smart. I first saw that little bit of folk wisdom calligraphed on a bread board with a cutesy Germanesque spelling. As I’ve rooted around … Continue reading

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Sakhi Ri….

Sakhi Ri…   “Mere Sajan Gaye Pardes, Sakhi Ri, Unki Tasveer Sey Dil Behlati Hoon, Birhi Ankhon Sey Bahey Neer Sakhi Ri, Par Saawan Key Geet Gaati Hoon, Mitegi Kabhi Tau Dill Ki Peed Sakhi Ri, Iss Aas Pey Jeeti … Continue reading

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Zero Part- I

ZERO – Part I   I vividly recall a fairly usual scene from my early school days. After checking the answer sheets of a class test or exam, a nasty (?) teacher had the habit of throwing the answer sheet towards a … Continue reading

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This Day,That Year……..

THIS DAY, THAT YEAR…… Today is 1st May 2009.On this day in 1977 ie on 01.05.77,I got married.This lovely accident happened 32 years ago.I and my dear wife Manjit Kaur have travelled a long distance together.This morning while praying to … Continue reading

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