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POETRY IN CEMETERY !   Readers must be wondering about  the title of this piece :” Poetry in Cemetery” ? Yes, I am not talking about “Symmetry in Poetry”. Bear with me,dear readers.I”ll come to the point in a short while.     … Continue reading

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Hot Line to God !

HOT LINE TO GOD: Here’s a news item I read in”The Financial Express”  dated 04.03.09 : LEAVE GOD A MESSAGE AT HIS ANSWERING SERVICE    Amsterdam: God is taking calls.Dutch artist Johan van der Dong has set up a local telephone … Continue reading

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MY RED DIARY  My precious possession till date,has been a small red diary,patiently preserved over the years.When “I am in vacant or in pensive mood” (Wordsworth),I glance through its contents.The other day,while turning its pages,I came across upon certain thoughts … Continue reading

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