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APOSTROPHE’S DAY OUT? The following news item was published in the Hindustan Times of 2nd February 2009: Quote: Post-apostrophe Birmingham puts a full stop to all that commatose, sorry, comatose punctuation THE CITY Council of Birmingham has decided to take … Continue reading

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UNKNOWN POET– II   Continuing with what was said in my earlier posting titled ” Unknown Poet-I “, here is another beautiful composition  from an unknown poet.It has always inspired me and I am sure it will inspire many others.  … Continue reading

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UNKNOWN  POET-  I We all have a general tendency to display our name or attach our name with our worldly possessions.I buy a plot of land for my house.The first thing I do is to provide a barbed wire fencing around … Continue reading

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Heritage collection: Vintage cars

Dear Readers, Sometime in 1977 I was a regular subscriber to Reader’s Digest magazine. On renewing the subscription, RD had sent photographs of vintage cars to me. I have kept these photographs carefully over the years and now put them … Continue reading

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IS VALENTINE’S DAY NECESSARY ?? Come February and the media is full of news items related to Valentine’s Day. This morning a daily reported that a political party, has for a change,announced its plans to take on those who oppose … Continue reading

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