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The Doodler

The Doodler (Jatinder Pal Singh Broca)

I am a young man of  sixty nine; two kids – one son and one  daughter -now both married and well settled.

Retired as a Chief Manager from  BANK OF INDIA a  reputed nationalised bank at the age of 60 on 30th  May 2009 after 29 years service in the Bank and presently working as a guest faculty/visiting faculty member in a number of MBA institutions and delivering lectures on various topics. Basically an Engineer (B TECH Mech; PGDBM).Hobbies: reading, writing, singing, collecting funny quotations, shayries, limericks etc.Many articles,views, letters,poems,opinions etc published in many newspapers,magazines etc.I have survived so far, thankfully, due to my sense of humour !

Joined the blogging world around three years before my retirement ie since June 2006, and have become a compulsive blogger by now.

Seeing to the information explosion and having seen the availability of information at the click of a mouse, I feel I was born 10 years too early.

My favourite funny quote “Every man should have a wife. Preferably his own!”.

I believe that: “Life is not a tempest, nor a midsummer nights dream. Its a comedy of errors, so you may take it as you like it.”

[This page is proudly created by my son who is a software expert and is now a Project Manager with a reputed IT company. God bless him.]

PS :By the grace of God,I have become a Grandfather wef 12th August 2011.My son Hardeep Singh’s wife Inderjeet Kaur gave birth to a bundle of joy -a cute baby girl.We have named her SUKHMAN KAUR. Wish her ALL THE BEST in life ! GB her ALWAYS. (Added this information on 17th Sept 2011). Sukhman Kaur now has a brother named GURMAN SINGH born on 17th OCTOBER 2018. GOD BLESS US ALL.(Updated on 23rd NOVEMBER 2018)

PS : By the grace of God,I have now become a Naanu too. On 31st August 2013,my daughter Harmeen Kaur,wife of Harinder Singh,gave birth to a son now named as DEVJYOT SINGH.Wish him ALL THE BEST in life.GB him ALWAYS.(Added this information on 21st Dec 2013)  Further my daughter now has a daughter too -born on 15th December 2017 and named  GUNJYOT KAUR. God Bless her too ! (UP DATED last on 5th  JUNE 2018)


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  1. bipin bidkar says:

    Gud noon: nice reading. i always feel real life starts after normal retirement i.e. from job. But real life begins thereafter as u can spare time for all that u have not done. i have noted ur habits/interests. i feel u may add one if u feel like i.e. travel. hope we will meet one day or other. all t best to u & all family members. – bipin bidkar

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