Ek dil, dus afsaane

1. In the old days a barber of one village or town would help in the engagement / marriage of a girl of that town / village with a boy of another town / village. Nowadays,several matrimonial web sites are there to help in such matters.Even marriage of a boy and a girl separated by seven seas is celebrated through computers/internet.This is summed up neatly as under:
“Internet par ladki pataee,
Internet par ho gayi sagaai,
Internet par divorce ho gaya,
Issi bahaane,computer ka course ho gaya .”

2. It is said that one generally does not forget one’s first love.Imagine the plight of one such person :
“Woh aaj bhi hummein dekh kar muskuraate hain,
Woh aaj bhi hummein dekh kar muskuraate hain,
Yeh tau unke bachhe hee kameenein hain,
Jo hummein Mamaji Mamaji keh kar bulaate hain.”

3. Like those “before” and “after” ads of clinics and beauty parlours,sample this situation:
Then :” Shaadi karnee thee,par kismat khulee nahin,
Taj Mahal banaana thaa,par Mumtaz milli nahin.
Now : Kismat khulee,shaadi huee,
Taj Mahal banaana chahta hoon,
Par yeh Mumtaz marti nahin.”

4. A loverboy,it is said, generally becomes weak while pining for his girl.Here’s an example of an extreme situation :
” Itne kamzor ho gaye hum aapki judaaee mein,
Ki ek saala machchar,uthaa ley gayaa chaarpayee se.”

5. There’s some theory (Darwin’s theory?) that says that human being was initially a monkey.A witty comparision of their laughter/anger is given herebelow :
“Jab tum hanstey ho tau lagta hai ki pehle aadmi bandarr thaa.
Dekho gussa matt hona,kyonki jab tum gussa hotey ho tau lagta
hai ki aadmi aaj bhi bandarr hai.”

6. It requires great guts to fall in love.Really ! A brave heart tries but what really happens due to lack of guts :
“Tere darwaaze pe sanam hum baar baar aayeinge,
Tere darwaaze pe sanam hum baar baar aayeinge,
Tere darwaaze pe sanam hum baar baar aayeinge,
Ghantee bajaayeinge aut bhaag jaayeinge !”

7. Illegal construction is banned.Here is a poor soul’s situation :
“Zarra zarra karke teree yaadon ka mehal bannate hain,
Zarra zarra karke teree yaadon ka mehal bannate hain,
Kambhakht yeh municipality waaley,illegal construction
Keh karr todd jaatey hain.”

8. A modern simile of a ‘mehbooba’ courtesy his ‘mehboob’ :
“Kaash,tumhaarre chehre par chicken pox ke daag hotey,
Kaash,tumhaarre chehre par chicken pox ke daag hotey,
Chaand tau tum ho hee,sitaare bhee saath hotey !”

9. How can we forget the common man’s “Pappu” ? Love is blossoming in the schools too these days.Sample this :
“School mein ishqq ka naya maahol tayaar ho gayaa,
Class kee teacher ko Pappu se pyaar ho gayya.
Iss baat sey saari class ka dil udass ho gayaa,
Kyon ki saari class fail thee,parr Pappu pass ho gayaa.”

10. Times-they are always a changing.Our mindsets are changing.Our hearts are changing. See the situation over the years:
” Ek yugg thaa jabb logg apne dwaar par likhtey thhey : “Atithi devo bhava”. Phir likhne lagge :”Shubh laabh ” Phir :”You are welcome.”Parr aaaj ? : “Kutton se saawdhaan”    


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