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HELLO 2015 BYE 2014

HELLO 2015 BYE 2014

2014 is at its tail end. It would be a good time to go through your annual goals. Prioritize them and work on those that are lagging. Today, let me share one of my favorite Zen lessons story with you:

Be the Boss

A horse suddenly came galloping quickly down the road. It seemed as though the man had somewhere important to go.

Another man, who was standing alongside the road, shouted, “Where are you going?” and the man on the horse replied, “I don’t know! Ask the horse!”

This is a short Zen story with a powerful meaning behind it. Here, the horse is a symbol of our habits. We usually live at the mercy of our old habits which have been established not by our intentional actions, but by our surroundings and mindless activity.

The horse pulls us, makes us run here and there and hurries us everywhere and we do not even know why. If we took a break every time and again to ask ourselves why exactly we’re running around so much, sometimes we may have an answer, but many times its not a good one. We’re just used to it. That’s the way we live.

HAPPY 2015




Here is what I wrote to BUSINESS TODAY on reading its cover story on CEOs:

Dear Sir,
This refers to your Special Issue (BT Dec 21 2014) on “India’s Best CEOs”. Let’s say Cheers to the celebration of India’s corporate leadership!! Your eminent panel of selectors has done full justice to the final rankings based on parameters and selection criteria. It is indeed a great source of inspiration for the new breed of Gen Next leaders and CEOs to be.
However, quite a few of your readers like me, will agree that merely statistics and figures of performance like profitability, capital efficiency, top line growth, return on equity etc. alone, do not truly reflect the success of a CEO. There are many personal qualities of leadership that shape the destiny of an enterprise.
According to Joey Tamer, a widely-acclaimed strategic consultant to technology and media CEOs, U.S. and worldwide, following are the ten characteristics of a successful CEO: 1.Domain Expertise (technology or other) 2.Leadership & Personal Power 3.Financial Savvy 4.Ability to pitch and close 5.Honor 6.Realism 7.Perseverance 8.Patience 9.Perspective on the larger scheme of things and finally, 10.Courage to move forward, or stop, and to know when to do either one. She has done a lot of research on this topic which can be read about by visiting
Yes, today we need CEOs with the above qualities to take the country towards its onward march to become a super-power in the knowledge, experience and expertise domains in times to come.
Kudos to entire BT Team once again for its continuous efforts to bring to its readers such good articles highlighting our power-packed CEOs. May their tribe increase!
J S BROCA, New Delhi






My letter to Business Today

Dear Sir,

This refers to your cover story: ”Readying for the Race” (BT December 7th 2014) with our PM Narendra Modi shown on the cover dressed as if like a Formula One car race driver, all rearing to go “vroom…” to win the race to finish!

A few parallels can be drawn from the famous race and our Economy’s Driver the PM. The so called “formula”, designated in the race’s name, refers to a set of rules with which all participants’ cars must comply. Lets hope the PM has his economy car all tuned up and revved up to beat his political opponents secret desires of seeing him crash! Let’s bet he has his own “Formula” to come out a winner!

The race season consists of a series of races, known as Grand Prix (from French, originally meaning “Great Prize”), held on purpose-built circuits and public roads. The PM has by now been in the driver’s seat for six months and has traveled on many public roads here and foreign circuits abroad, to gather valuable tips for winning the Grand Prize i.e. the continued mandate from the public for next five years.

The results of the Formula race are evaluated using a points system to determine the winners of the much coveted championships. We can be sure that the PM has earned many brownie points for the various initiatives taken by his Government so far, for the welfare of the country, states and the people. He will surely become the winner and the vanquisher of all the losers, surpassing all their calculations, machinations and evaluations!

It is well known that Formula One cars  are the fastest road course racing cars in the world, owing to very high cornering speeds achieved through the generation of large amounts of aerodynamic forces. The PM has shown his dynamic journey and mettle by crossing continents and countries at much higher speeds than all his predecessors, creating several records in traversing across the world. Let’s bet his economy car has all the aerodynamics to win and negate all forces working against him!   

The Formula has radically evolved and changed through the history of the sport. Yes, our PM is determined to change the history of our country with his radical ideas and his outlook for a better, stronger and a competitive India with his campaigns on themes like “Swachchta” (cleanliness) and “Make In India”!!

Let’s hope that really good times are not very much away! Godspeed to the PM and his car!


New Delhi

1st Dec 2014





Here is my LOGO for posting my utterances on Face Book.

I had been searching for a logo for my page since long.  I have been a fan of a column called NEETA’S NATTER which used to appear in STARDUST Magazine many years ago. (I haven’t read the magazine since long, so I don’t know if it still appears) It used to feature interesting observations made by the columnist (If I recall, it was Shobha De) while moving about in Bollywood. It also used to give current gossip going on in the tinsel town of Mumbai (then Bombay). Its logo or mascot was a modern CAT with long whiskers, pearl necklace and a smoking cigar I think! The column used to end with a “Meow! See you soon again!” Next month, more juicy gossip, more silly nonsense!! Hence I have coined the word BROCA’S BANTER. The two words gel well as an alliteration and the 2 Bs are the mirror images. The butterfly keeps flitting from flower to flower. So Broca too keeps searching for interesting observations / articles / thoughts / anecdotes / shero-shayri / quotes / funny stuff etc to keep my friends / fans regaled and hooked!!

Your feedback please!!

4th DECEMBER 2014