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I LOVE TAKING A COLD WATER BATH AS IT REFRESHES ME. However in this DILLI KI SARDI and with age catching up, I now begin my bath with hot / warm water.

There is a lot of debate on the subject matter of hot or cold water bath. So, I did a little research on the net and here is some interesting information. Believe it or not, to your peril or advantage! 

7 Benefits of Bathing With Cold Water 

Most people generally prefer to bathe in warm water than cold water. In fact, a cold shower bath has more health benefits compared to a hot shower. A cold shower can help boost metabolism, prevent post-exercise muscle injury and regulate levels of uric acid in your body. There are many other benefits of a cold shower too.

1. Male fertility: Perhaps there are very few people who know this fact, that a cold shower can increase fertility in men. On the other hand, a hot shower is bad for your testicles, because it can potentially lower the sperm count. If you want to plan on having a child, it’s time to bathe in cold water. Think again if you plan to visit the sauna or steam bath.

2. Increased blood circulation to remove toxins: When the cold water touches the surface of the skin, blood vessels beneath the skin will shrink. This reduces the blood circulation, but at the same time the mechanism of blood pressure will automatically destroy the target tissue. This causes the blood to circulate with greater impetus, so that blood flow becomes stronger in the increasing circulation.

3. Builds up immunity: You want to increase white blood cells? Bathe in cold water, because it will increase your metabolism, which in turn increases body heat and revives the immune system by releasing white blood cells.

4. Increases metabolism: When a person feels cold, he will usually wear a sweater to warm his body. Similarly, when your body is doused in cold water, your body will automatically produce heat, which makes the body’s metabolism to increase rapidly. That’s when carbohydrates and fats are burned to make you feel warm.

5. Prevents injury: When you perform physical activity, the muscles become inflamed and you need time to make your muscles become relaxed. To increase strength and muscle mass, your muscle fibers will swell and shrink. Therefore, to prevent rupture of muscle fibers due to excessive physical activity, wash with cold water.

6. Additional benefits: a cold shower can reduce chronic pain, reduce body aches, improve hair health, kidney function, reduce inflammation and regulate the autonomic nervous system.

7. Cold water and the rhythms of the body: Cold water can deepen your breathing and helps fight fatigue. Even if you are having trouble sleeping, take a cold shower for it is believed that it can help you in sleeping more soundly.

Now I come to the celebration part of the title of this piece. There was a very popular number in a Hindi film released in 1978. Its name was “Pati Patni Aur Woh!” The song was “Thande thande pani se nahana chahiye”.

My grand-daughter Sukhman, just loves listening to this  song! So, here are more details on the movie and the song. Yes, I confess, I must have seen the movie 3 or 4 times, just to enjoy this famous situational comedy song.

Pati Patni Aur Woh  a 1978 Hindi movie, was directed by B. R. Chopra. The film stars Sanjeev Kumar, Vidya Sinha, Ranjeeta, and in guest appearances: Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh and Parveen Babi.


The film is a comical take on extra-marital affairs. Ranjeet Chaddha (Sanjeev Kumar) & Sharda (Vidya Sinha) meet, fall in love & get married. Eventually, Ranjeet gets a promotion, a higher salary & a temptation – Nirmala Deshpande (Ranjeeta), his new secretary. Ranjeet lies to Nirmala—to get her sympathy—that his wife is terminally ill. Nirmala feels sorry for Ranjeet and gets close to him. Ranjeet uses this to further his plans. But when everything is going as planned, Sharda gets suspicious. She spies on them & learns the truth. When Ranjeet gets busted in front of both the women, the proverbial hell breaks loose.


The film starts off indicating the parallels of the story with that of Adam & Eve. Here, Adam is Ranjeet, Eve is Sharda while the apple is Nirmala. Ranjeet is newly employed in a company, whose pay scales can be gauged from the fact that he goes to work on a bicycle. However, this bicycle itself brings him face-to-face with Sharda, when he bumps into her by accident. Sharda’s bicycle gets badly damaged & Ranjeet drops her off. The same evening, Ranjeet goes to the wedding of his friend (Asrani), a co-worker & a poet. Sharda is also present at the ceremony. Sharda & Ranjeet’s love blossoms from there & soon they get married. In the course of a few years, Ranjeet is a Sales Manager of the company and father of a son. Sharda & Ranjeet are still living in marital bliss. That is, until Nirmala, Ranjeet’s new secretary, shows up. Ranjeet is inexplicably attracted to Nirmala. She is an honest girl who is trying to make two ends meet. She is much more beautiful compared to Sharda. But most of all, she knows nothing about Ranjeet’s true intentions & his married life. Ranjeet is initially upset with his thoughts about her, but finally gives in. He carefully plans his further steps. He pretends to be the helpless grieving husband of a cancer stricken wife, who won’t live much longer. Nirmala feels sorry for him, thus making it easier for him to get close to her. Nobody, not Sharda, not even his closest friend, suspects a thing. One day, Ranjeet bluffs to Sharda that he will be late coming home as he has a meeting. He takes Nirmala out to dinner. Next day, Sharda finds Nirmala’s handkerchief, with lipstick marks on it, in Ranjeet’s pocket. She immediately confronts Ranjeet, who makes up a story about a co-worker whose handkerchief he may have accidentally taken. Sharda reluctantly believes him. Ranjeet decides to take his next steps more carefully. Sharda too starts thinking that her fears were unfounded. Ranjeet makes even more interesting back up plans: He prepares two books of poetry, professing his love. The poems are the same in both, only one book contains Nirmala’s name, and the other contains Sharda’s. Ranjeet courts Nirmala without Sharda’s knowledge. The turning point comes when Sharda sees him in a hotel with Nirmala. She later asks him about his meeting, about which the clueless Ranjeet lies. Sharda’s fears are confirmed. She starts spying on him & Nirmala, taking incriminating pictures. After sufficient evidence is obtained, she secretly meets Nirmala, posing as a journalist. Nirmala, who hasn’t seen Ranjeet’s “ailing wife” yet, thinks Sharda intends to blackmail her. But Sharda reassures her that she won’t. Nirmala spills all the beans, upon which Sharda reveals her true identity. Meanwhile, Ranjeet gets another promotion & rushes home happily to tell his wife about it. Sharda catches him unawares and lets him know that he is busted. Ranjeet does not know what has hit him. He turns round, only to see Nirmala behind him. Sharda tells him that she is leaving him & the divorce papers will be soon sent to him. Sharda & Nirmala console each other. Ranjeet calls upon his friend & lies that Nirmala has said some malicious lies to Sharda about him. Ranjeet’s friend sides with him & lies about Nirmala’s character. Sharda exposes Ranjeet in front of him as well, with help of the evidence she has collected. Sharda tells Ranjeet to choose either her or Nirmala. Ranjeet quietly gives Nirmala some money & lies to her, in a last-ditch attempt at damage control. But honest Nirmala returns the money to Sharda, making things even worse for Ranjeet. Sharda prepares to walk out on Ranjeet, while Nirmala resigns and leaves Ranjeet as well. Sharda comes to visit Ranjeet one last time, when their innocent son asks what is happening. Sharda decides to give Ranjeet another chance, if only for their son and soon life comes back on track. But soon another secretary(Parveen Babi) joins the office & Ranjeet tries to resort to his antics once more. Just by coincidence, Ranjeet’s friend suddenly walks in & Ranjeet backs off, taking this as a warning.



Thande thande pani se nahana chahiye
Gana aaye yah na aaye gana chahiye
Tum meri hathkadi ho
tum dur kyon khadi ho
tum bhi jara naha lo
do char geet ga lo
ab shor mat karo ji
sunte hai sab padosi
kahey do padosiyon se
jhanke na khidkiyon se
darwaza khatkhataya
lagta hai koi aaya
keh do ke aa rahey hai
sahab naha rahey hai
mummy ko to ladne ka bahana chahiye
gana aaye na aaye….

Lambi ye taan chchodo
tauba hai jaan chchodo
tum aise besharam ho
bachon se koi kum ho
chchodo hato anari
meri bigho di sari
oh oh mummy ko daddy se chchudana chahiye
ab toh mummy ko daddy se chchdana chahiye
gana aaye ya na aaye….

I think / believe that a few portions of the lyrics are missing or are not in the right order. Do the homework for me,if you please. I recall that there is a stanza where the young son says “Mummy ko bhi andar bulaana chahiey!” Anyway, ENJOY THE SONG!

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Today is the last sequential date of this century — 11.12.13 — a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Media is filled with headlines and stories about this topic.

Some major and important items / things listed for today are:


Starting New Businesses, Announcing Sales and Discounts, Wedding Decorators being excited, Astrological Predictions (true or false!) being made, are also a subject matter for lively discussions.

Whether it’s auspicious or just easy to remember, couples are choosing to get married today because of the date — 11/12/13.

There are/were 12 sequential dates in this century. The next big sequential date is 12/13/14. “That’s on a Saturday so we’re hoping to see even bigger numbers,” said a few “experts”.

If you have any faith in the idea that sequential dates bode well for a long and a happy marriage, you better start looking for that special someone — your next opportunity for a wedding on such a date won’t happen until 2103.

Here is one such article from HINDUSTAN TIMES:

Delhi set to celebrate ‘auspicious’ 11.12.13

By Debasmita Ghosh,

Hindustan Times,New Delhi, December 11, 2013

From weddings to having babies, Delhi is kicked up about making today special. It’s the last sequential date of century — 11.12.13 — a once-in-a-lifetime event. Would-be mums have flooded hospitals with requests to slot their deliveries today, and thousands of couples have decided to tie the knot on this ‘special occasion’.

“Our operation theatre is booked for cesareans the entire day, with eight deliveries scheduled. We had to refuse a few requests,” says Dr Vimal Grover, gynaecologist, Fortis La Femme. “Parents want to have unique birthdays for their kids, and hence this rush,” says Dr Sheetal, gynaecologist, RocklandHospital. The situation is pretty much the same at most other city hospitals, including ColumbiaAsia, Moolchand Medcity and MaxHospital.

It’s good business for banquet hall owners and five-stars, too. “Couples want to wed on this last sequential date of the century … we were swarmed with requests for our banquet hall, and had to decline about 25 clients as we are fully booked. Wedding decorators have also increased their prices by nearly 5-10%, but guests are ready to shell out the premium,” says Arindam Kunar, GM, CrownePlaza Today Gurgaon. Agrees celebrity wedding planner Swati Pandya Sood. “It’s a crazy day for me … I can’t even tell you how many weddings I’m handling today,” she says. Parties are also being thrown by many to celebrate the day, and cakes with an ‘11.12.13’ icing are in big demand at bakeries like Zura Bistro Bar Bakery, It’s 9 Bakery Cafe and Sartoria. Other eateries are also doing all they can to cash in on the euphoria. While Mad Over Donuts is giving 12 donuts free if you buy a dozen donuts, Gelato Vinto will give a discount of 25% (12+13) on ordering 11 scoops. Roost Bistro will give 11% discount on drinks, 12% on starters and 13% on main course, while Hadippa is offering 13% off on a bill of `1112.

Gift from the skies?

Astrologer and numerologist P Khurrana says the day is auspicious in terms of planetary positions too. “It’s a rare combination of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in strong positions. Also, 11+12+13 equals to 9, a powerful number signifying Mars (Mangal), which makes it very influential,” says Khurrana.






The purpose of education

This refers to the column “Reinventing management education” (FE, December 2). The author has rightly pointed out about the dismal quality of and mediocrity prevailing in management schools in India. The reasons for the malaise are many. First, offering courses with outdated syllabus having no relevance to the current problems being faced by the country. Unless the schools teach how to face and solve the real issues haunting the nation, merely academic discussions based on imported case studies are not going to create good managers. Second, most of the management bodies do not have the core competency in educational field. A junk-dealer or a sweet-meat seller, who has minted money, thinks of establishing a management school simply because it is a good investment decision, especially looking at the extreme shortage of such schools in India. Third, the herd-mentality of many colleges to go for inexperienced faculty members appointed to just fit the bill and impart just course-content to students without igniting their minds. Fourth, I believe what has actually ruined this particular field is running a management college as a money-making enterprise without caring for the noble causes of creating a well-educated, knowledgeable, practical-oriented pool of a new generation of young experts to handle higher responsibilities. Last, a management institution must not merely consider education as a passport to a lucrative placement in the job-market but as a means to provide well-rounded leaders of future to lead the country to higher levels of prosperity.

JS Broca,

New Delhi

Here is the link to the FE page :

My letter is published at the bottom of the page.

THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE: “Reinventing management education” (FE, December 2) IS:…/reinventing…/1201932/0