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My Letter to The Editor in BUSINESS TODAY

My Letter to The Editor in BUSINESS TODAY

The latest issue of BT dated 9th December 2012,(released in the market on 26th November 2012) has published my letter expressing my views and opinion about the cover story  topic :”ARE INDIAN CEOs OVER PAID?” in the issue dated November 25th 2012.

Here is a copy of the published version of my letter :


Your cover story Are Indian CEOs Overpaid? (November 25) is quite informative. Generally, a CEO’s pay should be based on his performance, talents which benefit his stakeholders, and how he exploits new opportunities for growth. But it is a tough task to fix pay by assessing an executive’s productivity. It is easy to measure how many bricks a worker can lay in an hour, but measuring quantum of success is, indeed, very difficult. Often, it has been observed that a CEO’s pay includes many fancy components, like basic salary, bonus, stocks and options, and many other benefits such as cars and club memberships. The million-dollar question is: Does he deserve it? I feel at least 10 executives can be hired in one CEO’s place at a lesser salary with much better quality of decision making.

– J.S. Broca, New Delhi

Here is the link to the page from BT :


Pink Shirt

I read about an interesting survey.I love pink.I have a few pink shirts in my wardrobe.May be the findings of the survey hold good for office goers in London but here in apna bharat I feel it hardly matters.Except for a remark like :”You look sexy today yaar..” the majority of colleagues still feel that PINK is a girlish colour. The survey has a few hilarious comments as well.Read SMILE and post your comments.
Men who wear pink shirts earn more than their peers: Study PTI | LONDON Nov 23, 2012
LONDON: Pink is the colour of a man! Men who wear pink colour shirts to work earn £1,000 more per year than those who favour traditional colours such as white or blue, a new UK study has found.
Researchers also found men who wear pink are more likely to get compliments from female colleagues and are more confident characters in their office.
A poll of 1,500 male office workers found a typical pink shirt wearer earns £1,000 more a year, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.
One in four men feels more attractive in a pink shirt and those who frequently wear purple or lilac have the most office romances, while those who prefer blue have the least.
The research also found that men who wear pink are also twice as likely to have a Master’s degree or a PhD. “Pink is a colour more men have been embracing recently and it’s encouraging that they are not afraid to experiment with brighter colours,” said Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, marketing manager for Cotton USA. She added further: “We spend most of our days at work and it’s good for company standards, our own confidence and work ethic to remain smart, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring.”
It also found men who favour green shirts are most likely to be late for work, while white shirt wearers are the most punctual. And if you are trying for a promotion then it’s best to dress in a purple shirt, the survey found.
One in twenty people said there was rivalry between the male members of staff over who looks the best and well over half said they like to make an effort with their image.
Surprisingly 42 per cent of men said they ironed their own shirts but a flash one in 20 pays someone to do it for them. Over a quarter have their shirts ironed for them by their wife or girlfriend, although 13 per cent still rely on mothers to press their clothes.



A colourful Manmohan Singh was seen at the recent ASEAN Meet! Cambodia hosted a gala dinner for all the world leaders who attended the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) meet on Monday (19TH Nov 2012). Here is one of the several images from the net showing our PM in a jazzy bling orange shirt:

The media reports had a field day. “ Leaving behind his usual attire of pristine white kurta pyjama, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently dressed up in an orange shirt “ screamed one of the headlines.
“OMG! What is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wearing at the 10th India-ASEAN Summit?” asked another news paper.

Giving brief details of the meet, one report said this: ” Phnom Penh, Nov 20 (ANI): Leaving behind his usual attire of pristine white kurta pyjama, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently dressed up in an orange shirt to attend the gala dinner hosted by Cambodia for all the world leaders who attended Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) meet, at Cambodia’s Diamond Island Convention Center. All the leaders looked cheerful and enjoyed a relaxed and fun evening in bright and colourful clothes after a tense day of talks on the South China Sea issue.”

The comments on TWITTER and elsewhere were enjoyable. Here is a random sampling:

1. Ha ha ha ha….that was Govinda type !

2. I don’t want to say anything. I don’t want to get arrested !

3. It seems the PM forgot to take clearance from Madam on the colour choice…she has a strong aversion to saffron !

4. What embarrassment and what saffron ? You people are sick .Making an issue from nothing.

5. Don’t attach a colour with any religion… saffron otherwise also looks good.

6. He could have color coordinated his turban better… orange instead of blue.

7. What’s wrong in this? Its Combodian culture !

8. Fashion magazines must be feeling happy to see that their work is news worthy.

9. Now Digvijay Singh may comment that Manmohan Singh is an RSS agent.

10. PM’s bright orange shirt brought to you by ASEAN Paints !

11. He is actually wearing a shirt stitched out of Soniaji’s oldsaree.

12. Manmohan Singh is standing like a school boy at prayer time.

13..Fashion ka balaatkar!

 14. MMS the new style icon!

 15. Finally some colors in our Governance!

 16. Manmohan Singh looks like a Poppins seller in this attire.

 17.Singh makes a fashion statement.

 18.OMG ! Where was the fashion Police ?

Well the above sampling is just a collection from the internet. I have not made any comments myself. I repeat what one person has said. I don’t want to get arrested for posting these comments on FB /on this blog.

Post your reactions/comments AT YOUR OWN RISK !

KEEP SMILING! Wear colorful dresses when ever you feel like! Don’t care for what the world says. ENJOY YOUR DAY OUT !!



Recently Reserve Bank Governor D SUBBARAO  had warned against “casino banking” that has over- financialised the real economy, and called for inclusive growth to quell the growing disenchantment of the public.

On reading the article in BUSINESS STANDARD, I had written a letter to the Editor expressing my views on the matter.Here is what I had written:

Dear Sir,
This refers to your news item titled: “‘Casino banking’ can put us in danger: Subbarao” (BS 18th Nov 2012).
One more interesting terminology has been added to the existing vocabulary of bankers and students of financial management. “ Casino Banking ” has been termed as the practice whereby a commercial bank engages in unduly speculative or risky financial activities with the aim of achieving high profits. Some years ago (2009) the term “Narrow Banking” had been in vogue.A ‘Narrow Bank’ in its narrow sense, had then been defined as the system of banking under which a bank places its funds in risk-free assets with maturity period matching its liability maturity profile, so that there is no problem relating to asset liability mismatch and the quality of assets remains intact without leading to emergence of sub-standard assets. This extreme risk averse-ness has been also dubbed as “Lazy Banking ” and “Zombie Banking “. Other such terms often referred to are :” Class Banking”, ”Mass Banking”, ” Inclusive Banking”, “ Logical Banking”, ” Safe Banking”, “ Social Banking”, ”Universal Banking”, etc.What  next ? “ Sitting-on-the-fence Banking” ( neither going this way nor that ?) , ” Water-on-the-duck’s-back Banking” ( no policy guidelines ever affect this sector ? ). Perhaps its time for RBI to come out with an A to Z Primer (A for “Arm-Chair Banking” , Z for “ Zombie Banking ”) to educate the lay man and the common customer/ investor, about such interesting definitions!