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Fun Unlimited…

Fun Unlimited…
Ek haseena par nigaahein thehri thhee,
Uski aankhein jheel sey bhi gehree thhee.
Thakk gaya main usey I love You kehtey kehtey,
Fir pata chala yaar woh to behree thhee ! 

Translation : 

My eyes feasted on her beautiful face,

Her eyes were as deep as waters of a lake.

I said ILU ILU to her,until I got tired.

She was stone deaf,it finally transpired ! 

2.Heaven & Hell 

N A M A S K A A R !

Zindaa ho tau ek SMS bhejo.

Aasmaan mein chaley gaye ho,

Tau baarish bhejo.

Swarg mein ho,

Tau Apsara bhejo.  

Agar narak mein ho tau-

Enjoy yourself !   

Translation :

G R E E T I N G S !

If you are alive,send an SMS.

If you are in the skies above,

Send me some rain.

If you are in the Heavens,

Send me an Angel  from there.

If by chance you are in Hell,

Then E N J O Y yourself there ! 


Is saadgi par kaun naan marr jayey  ya khuda ? 

Ladtey hain, parr haathh mein belan bhi nahin hai !!  

Translation : 
 Oh God,who wouldn’t love her sheer innocence !

She fights,but without even a rolling pin in her hand !! 

4.Vital Signs 

Yeh sulagta jism,
Yeh kamp-kampatey honth,
Yeh thartharata badan,
Yeh ladkhadati aawaz,…..
Mujhey  pehley  hee pata tha,
Ki tujhey Malaria huaa hai !! 

Translation : 

This burning skin,

These fluttering lips,

This shivering body,

This unclear speech,…..

I knew that it was not Love,

But these were vital signs of Malaria !  

5.Why I miss you ? 

Yaad aati hai teri jaagtey-sotey,

Din kattey hain teri khatir rotey-rotey.

Kaash tum merey saath yahan hotey,

Kum sey kum merey kuchch kapdey tau dhotey !! 

Translation : 

I remember you while I am asleep or awake too.

My days simply pass moaning and crying for you.

How I wish you were here with me now dearie-

Sharing my burden-by washing some of my dirty laundry ! 

6.The world is round  

Duniyaan gol hai ! Proof chahiyeh ?

Cockroch chuhey sey darta hai,

Chuha billi sey,

Billi kuttey sey,

Kutta aadmi sey,

Aadmi apni Girlfriend sey,

Aur Girlfriend cockroch sey !! 

Translation : 

The world is round.

Need proof ? Here it is :

Cockroach fears the mouse.

Mouse is afraid of the cat.

Cat fears the dog.

Dog is afraid of man.

The man fears his Girlfriend.

Girlfriend is afraid of cockroach !

QED ! 

7.Waiting for a discount

 Laila ko Majnu ka SMS nahin aaya,

Laila nein teen din khana nahin khaaya.

Laila marr rahi thii, Majnu key pyaar mein,

Majnu baitha tha SMS free honey key  intezaar mein…!  

Translation : 

Laila was anxiously waiting for Majnu’s SMS.

Laila did not eat food for three days.

Laila was dying for Majnu’s love.

Poor Majnu was waiting for free SMS scheme ! 

8. Savings.

Dard-e-dil  mein, gum ki kaliyaan khilti hain,

Abb tau tanhai aksar hum sey milti hai,

Aap nein band kiya jab sey SMS karna,

Mobile ki battery zyaada chalti hai !!  

Translation : 

Buds of sorrow bloom in sorrows of sadness.

Loneliness is my usual constant companion.

The day since you have stopped sending me SMS,

I am saving a lot-since my mobile battery now lasts longer ! 

9.Moon Mania 

Yeh chaand bhi kya zulm dhaata hai !

Bachpan mein Mama

Aur jawani mein Sanam nazar aata hai !! 

Translation : 

This Moon fascinates people in various ways.

In childhood,it is a child’s maternal uncle,

And in youth,it appears to be like one’s beloved ! 


 Jeewan bima waaley bhi,

Kitni besharmi sey pesh aatey hain,

Pati ki maut sey kya kya faaydey hongey,

Ghanton baith karr uski patni ko samjhatey hain !! 

Translation : 

These life insurance agents are a shamelss clan.

They market their schemes with such elan.

What benefits will be gained on  hubby’s demise-

They explain to the wife endlessly,oh what a surprise ! 


Keep innovating…

Keep innovating….

A few days ago (5th May 2011) I had posted a piece titled :” What Is Innovation ?”  (Link: )

There was an article in FE (Financial Express) about building up our country’s innovation efforts.

To read the article,go to the following link :

In response to the above article,I had posted the following  letter to the Editor on 17th May 2011 : 


Dear Sir,
This refers to Arindam Bhattacharya’s column titled:” Building India Innovation Inc” ( FE 17th May 2011).I agree wholeheartedly with the author’s views.
What exactly is innovation ? Innovation is a subject which has always fascinated many writers,management gurus, thinkers and industrialists.Innovation has been defined by many writers and experts in different ways according to their perceptions. In fact,
Innovation Management has now become a hot topic for debates in many B Schools.
Sadly,there is often a confusion between innovation and invention.An eminent authority,Daniel Scocco clarifies that “invention refers to new concepts or products that derive from individual’s ideas or from scientific research. Innovation, on the other hand, is the commercialization of the invention itself.” Since innovation is also considered a major driver of the economy, especially when it leads to increasing productivity, the factors that lead to innovation are also considered to be critical to our policy makers. Further,to be successful,innovation has to pass through three stages viz.innovation, invention, translation and commercialization. It is felt that the most difficult and challenging part is the last stage.In today’s competitive market, the ultimate aim of inovation is to develope the ability to deliver new value to customers-be it in banking,in retail,in FMCG or in case of Automobiles-as in Nano’s success story. In essence,the focus of innovation management is to allow the organization to respond to external or internal opportunity,and use its creative efforts to introduce new ideas, processes or products.Let us sincerely hope that Indian corporates and R&D departments,will initiate all out efforts to go for Innovation in various fields,as exhorted by the author.
    New Delhi



Today’s FE carries an abridged version of my letter. Here is the letter as published in FE : 

Letters to the editor

The Financial Express
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 
Keep innovating

Apropos of the column “Building India Innovation Inc” (FE, May 17), there shouldn’t be confusion between innovation and invention. Invention refers to new concepts or products that derive from individual’s ideas or from scientific research, while innovation is the commercialisation of invention. Since innovation is also considered a major driver of the economy, especially when it leads to increasing productivity, the factors that lead to innovation are considered to be critical. Innovation consists of the three stages of invention, translation and commercialisation. And the most challenging part is the last one. In today’s competitive market, the ultimate aim of innovation is to develop the ability to deliver new value to the customer. Let’s hope that Indian corporates and R&D departments initiate all out efforts to go for innovation in various fields, as exhorted by the author.

JS Broca, New Delhi

For those who wish to read the letter directly on FE’s website,they can go to the following link:




M&A, for those who are not familiar with this abbreviation,stands for “Mergers & Acquisitions“.  


As per one definition,the phrase mergers and acquisitions (abbreviated as M&A) refers to the aspect of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies that can aid, finance, or help a growing company in a given industry grow rapidly without having to create another business entity.
As per another definition,Merger means the combining of two or more companies, generally by offering the stockholders of one company securities in the acquiring company in exchange for the surrender of their stock.
An acquisition is the purchase of one company by another company. Consolidation is when two companies combine together to form a new company altogether. An acquisition may be private or public, depending on whether the acquiree or merging company is or isn’t listed in public markets. An acquisition may be friendly or hostile.
Although often used synonymously, the terms merger and acquisition mean slightly different things.When one company takes over another and clearly establishes itself as the new owner, the purchase is called an acquisition.
From a legal point of view, the target company ceases to exist, the buyer “swallows” the business and the buyer’s stock continues to be traded.In the pure sense of the term, a merger happens when two firms agree to go forward as a single new company rather than remain separately owned and operated. This kind of action is more precisely referred to as a “merger of equals”. The firms are often of about the same size. Both companies’ stocks are surrendered and new company stock is issued in its place.
For example, in the 1999 merger of Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham, both firms ceased to exist when they merged, and a new company,GlaxoSmithKline, was created.
In practice, however, actual mergers of equals don’t happen very often. Usually, one company will buy another and, as part of the deal’s terms, simply allow the acquired firm to proclaim that the action is a merger of equals, even if it is technically an acquisition. Being bought out often carries negative connotations; therefore, by describing the deal euphemistically as a merger, deal makers and top managers try to make the takeover more palatable. An example of this would be the takeover of Chrysler by Daimler Benz in 1999 which was widely referred to as a merger at that time.

Without splitting hairs further,I now come to the point I wished to comment about.The Competition Commission of India (CCI) on 11th May 2011 announced its mergers and acquisitions (M&A) regulations, letting Corporate India to carry out deals that can have little impact on competition without any hassle. There was an article titled :” CCI notifies M&A Norms” in Financial Express (my favourite business newspaper) dated 12th May 2011.To read the article directly on line,please go to the following link :

On reading the article,this is what I wrote to the Editor,by way of a letter,as usual:

Dear Sir,
This refers to your article :”CCI notifies M&A Norms”( FE 12th May 2011).
Yes,streamlining the norms,making M&A easier and removing hurdles and bottlenecks from the process are all good steps and in the right direction,but, Corporates still certainly need to heed the warning made by Warren Buffet, as long back as in 1930,when he had said this about M&A :”In some mergers,there truly are synergies-though often times the acquirer pays too much for them-but at other times,the cost and revenue benefits that are projected,prove illusory.Of one thing be certain: if a CEO is enthused about a particularly foolish acquisition, both his internal staff and his outside advisors will come up with whatever projections are needed to justify his stance. Only in fairy tales are emperors told that they are naked.” Words of wisdom,from the wizard of Omaha,indeed ! So,Corporates, beware before you tread  the M&A paths !!  
New Delhi.
My dear readers must be wondering about the last portion of Buffet’s quote about the naked emperor.Well well,to enable you to get the full grasp of the meaning of this I will take you to a site where you can read the fairy tale and decide for yourself what Buffet meant.There are quite a few sites on the net,but the one I reffered to and liked was available on the following link:

You may have read the story in your school days,but then reading it again will be a pleasure,I feel. So, go to the above link and refresh yourselves.
The story titled :”The Emperor’s New Clothes “,was originally written by Hans Christian Andersen,but it has been re-told by several other writers as well.
The basic plot of the story is as under :
An Emperor who cares for nothing but his appearance and attire hires two tailors who promise him the finest suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or “just hopelessly stupid”. The Emperor cannot see the cloth himself, but pretends that he can for fear of appearing unfit for his position or stupid; his ministers do the same. When the swindlers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him and the Emperor then marches in procession before his subjects, who play along with the pretense. Suddenly, a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others. The Emperor cringes, suspecting the assertion is true, but holds himself up proudly and continues the procession.
The important aspect is to understand the moral of this fairy tale.I have thought a lot about this fairy tale and the sense in it. Finally, I have come to the conclusion that there’s not only one moral, but several in it.

The most obvious one is that people should say what they think and should have their own opinion. It’s very important to have your own opinion, because if you don’t, you depend on other people. The people in the fairytale all see that the Emperor has got nothing on. But because of their fear to be considered stupid, they don’t speak up. Because no one says anything, the two swindlers can earn a lot of money without doing anything. But nevertheless it’s important to think about the thoughts that one tells aloud because it’s easy to hurt other people. Not every criticism or opinion is worth to be uttered. The difficult thing is to find a balance, to be honest and friendly.  

In this fairytale, there is a “happy ending” and the Emperor is the only one who is deceived by the swindlers,but in fact, things can get much worse if one does just what the others do.

There is a second important aspect to look at. The Emperor pretends to be a very important man, but he does nothing but worry about his clothes. Nevertheless his people admire and adore him.

So the moral is that one shouldn’t believe in every authority or in everyone who thinks himself to be better than you. The emperor isn’t a better man because of his title or money or his fine clothes; he’s just a human being as anybody else.The important thing is to let other people think whatever they want and to not lose one ’s self-esteem.

In some way this moral is similar to the first one. Both of them want to tell us that it isn’t so important what other people think of one or themselves, but what we think of ourselves. If one is happy with oneself, it’s much easier to get on with other people.

Then there is the moral I like most:  “Preserve a bit of a child in your character!” Children are very direct, they tell straight out what they see. They don’t shut their mouths because they don’t want to hurt someone or because one could think “badly” of them. They just tell what they think. That’s a very important thing to do, to tell what one thinks, at least if it’s important.

But there is another aspect about children that is very interesting. They can pretend to be someone completely different from who they are but on the other hand they know when someone is pretending to be someone else or if he really is like that.

The little child in the story looks at the Emperor and screams out that he is naked. It doesn’t matter for the child if he’s the Emperor or not, he’s just a naked person. The adult people wouldn’t have dared to say anything not only because he’s the Emperor, but also because they are afraid of the consequences that these simple words could have.

So H. C. Anderson wants to tell us that we should keep this childlike spontaneity and say, at least from time to time, what we really think or see, and not what we are supposed to.

Interesting isn’t it ?
Your views/comments will be appreciated.Meanwhile,I shall wait to see if my letter is published or not. 

Not difficult to swallow…

Not difficult to swallow…

I had posted a piece titled :” EXPORTS MANAGEMENT ” on 10th May 2011 . To read it directly,go to the following link: 
I had sent my views to the Editor of FE .Today’s issue of FE carries an abridged version of my letter under “Letters to the Editor” column.
Here is the letter finally published in FE today :
Letters to the editor
The Financial Express-Thursday, May 19, 2011 
Tags: ‘Swallows And Exports’   
Not difficult to swallow 
Apropos of the editorial ‘Swallows and exports’ (FE, May 5), the reasons behind our lacklustre performance on the exports front are not difficult to swallow! Making policy guidelines is one thing, but ensuring provision of required infra-structural facilities and linkages of prime importance is another significant aspect.
Serious thinking needs to be done in the following major areas:
(a) Accelerating the economy from low level activities to high level ones by making it globally oriented with a view to derive maximum benefits from global markets.
(b) Stimulating sustained economic growth by providing access to essential raw-materials, intermediates, components and capital goods required for increasing production.
(c) Enhancing technological efficiency of agricultural, industrial and service sectors, with a view to improve their competitiveness.
(d) Generating new employment opportunities and encouraging attainment of internationally accepted quality standards.
(e) Providing quality consumer products at reasonable prices.
Furthermore, it is felt that genuine representations from various associations of leather goods, handloom sector, textiles, gems & jewellery, handicrafts, toys, electronics, sports goods, etc, need to be given a sympathetic hearing, so that these sectors significantly add to our exports kitty. 
JS Broca, New Delhi


Bollywood Actresses Without Make-Up …

Bollywood Actresses Without Make-Up …

Recently,there was an article on Yahoo Lifestyle,displaying several photographs of bollywood actresess with and without make up.Readers were asked to submit their comments.There have been nearly 950 comments from various readers.The piece shows photographs of actresses like Lara Dutta, Preity Zinta, Aishwarya Rai, Mugdha Godse, Tanushree Dutta, Sushmita Sen, Urmila Matondkar and Karishma Kapooor.While Sushmita,Karishma and Preity got rave reviews and comments in particular,there were several other interesting/funny/witty comments from a few of the readers.Here is a random selection : Read and smile please !

1.Duniyaan mein harr aadmi ke do chehare hotey hain-ek sachcha aur ek jhootha.

2.Door sey dekha to hai kya kudrat ka kamaal,pass aakar dekha to yeh tha make up ka kamaal.  

3. I think they will sue Yahoo! for publishing their photos without make-up and   revealing their professional secrets. My would-be wife is mre beautiful than any of  them.

4. Besides my house,some building construction work is in progress.There,a 20 year  old labour girl is more beautiful when compared these heroines without make-up. 

5. Mere ghar mein kaam karne waali baai is better than all of them.  

6. Tum sab toh AIDS ki patient lag rahi ho..ya jaise do dinon sey tumhe loose motions ho rahey hon.

7.Kapoor family definitely has some superior genes in the looks department. 

8.Show this report to RAMSAY BROTHERS…their search for horror movie heroines will  end here. 

9.All of them look more beautiful without makeup.They look plain and close to real life. 

10. Heeray mein agar polish naan ho,tau bhi heera herra hi hota hai. 

11. Bina makeup ke in saari actresses  sey acchi tau village ki ladki hoti hai. 

12. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!.Every woman is beautiful in her own way. It is the inner beauty that is important, not the beauty with make-up. 

13. With or without makeup makes no difference.Ultimate thing is they are stars and are known for their appeal .It is their talent which has made them popular. 

14. All of them pale in comparison to the real beauty Hema malini with or without  makeup.

15. I think, you should not post such articles online.Media should play a positive role  not a negative one.I think all of them are hardworking and in a way you are  portraying that people without make – up look ugly.There are many indian women  who do not wear make-up at all.So are they all ugly ?Just because they are celebrities they should look impeccable all the time.That is unfair.I would like to see the photograph of the person who has posted this article.I want to see how  beautiful she is or handsome he is .

16.If one’s heart and soul is beautiful, they will look beautiful even when they just get up from their beds. 

17.I am sick of this kind of cheap articles.Do you expect all celebrities to wear make up the whole day?Let them breath some fresh air. They too have some life .And tell me what is wrong if some one not looking so good,presents herself as beautiful  with the help of make up?

18. Face it, we ordinary people are jealous of their fame and fortune and so get a kick out of publishing and watching such pictures. The comments made by females make their jealousy so very obvious!

19.Tractor ko modify karr key Ferari jaisa look diya gaya hai.Engine woh hee hai,body change hai, paint bhi local hai. 

20. Don’t waste time on such articles.Many more important issues like Aarushi murder  case still remain unresolved. 

21.Bina makeup key heroine aur chudail mein koi fark nahin lagta.

22.The fellow who wrote this article must be a spokesperson for “Fair and Lovely”. 

Well,well,I too couldn’t resist the urge to comment.This is what the webesite had said in response: 

 Thank You!

Your comment has been received and should be available shortly. A preview is shown here.

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    Jatinder P a second ago

It would be very difficult to recognize these bollywood babes without their make ups.Women have only two weapons – cosmetics and tears.Charles Revson of Revlon has said :“In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope.” Here is what Erica Jong has said about make up/cosmetics :”Isn’t that the problem? That women have been swindled for centuries into substituting adornment for love, fashion (as it were) for passion? All the cosmetics names seemed obscenely obvious to me in their promises of sexual bliss. They were all firming or uplifting or invigorating. They made you tingle. Or glow. Or feel young. They were prepared with hormones or placentas or royal jelly. All the juice and joy missing in the lives of these women were to be supplied by the contents of jars and bottles. No wonder they would spend twenty dollars for an ounce of face makeup or thirty for a half-ounce of hormone cream. What price bliss? What price sexual ecstasy?” I believe that there are no better cosmetics than a severe temperance and purity, modesty and humility, a gracious temper and calmness of spirit; and there is no true beauty without the signatures of these graces in the very countenance.” Finally,here is a funny one by Yoko Ono : “Cosmetics is a boon to every woman, but a girl’s best beauty aid is still a near-sighted man”. 
New Delhi

However,the comment has not yet gone live on the site,since I believe it was not liked as I had not commented specifically in favour of or against any of the featured actresses. 

It was fun to have read readers’ reactions  and to post my comments on this issue. My mental make-up thankfully,remains intact. 

To see the “before and after” make-up photographs,go to :

Hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much as I loved posting it !


Of Babies and Rahul Baba…

Of Babies and Rahul Baba…

The other day,87 year old Kerala Chief Minister,V S Achuthanandam,called our 40 year old,Rahul Baba an “AMUL BABY”.   

As is usual,the TV media took up the topic and various channels had a field day in their “Breaking News” features.They were so delighted that they even had panel discussions on the exchange of dialogue between the two politicians. 

Even the print media,did not lag behind.Here is an editorial from a popular leading daily.It is aptly titled as :”Time For Baby Talk” : 

Quote : If ever an icon has united this vast and complex land of ours (way more than cricket or Bollywood), it must be the slightly podgy ‘Amul girl’ in a polka-dotted dress, focused on her buttered slices of bread but an earnest observer and commentator on all things Indian. Also known as the ‘Amul baby’, for  once, she seems to have found herself more at the centre of news than the sidelines from where she usually supplies her witty observations. The controversy is as ancient and elemental as humanity itself: the clash between the conflicting egos of youth and old age, how age actually withers and if the old order should yield place for the new. The battleground, in this case, has been the verdant fields of Kerala, where the 87-year-old chief minister VS Achuthanandan is in running for a further five-year term in office. Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi is reported to have mentioned that Mr Achuthanandan, in case he wins, will be 93 around the time of the next elections. Miffed at the arithmetic, the latter has called Mr Gandhi an ‘Amul baby’. The comparison is baffling, considering Mr Gandhi is 40 years old; interesting, though of lesser consequence, is the fact that the iconic Amul ad representation itself was created 45 years ago.We, who never like to miss out on the fine print, already see how Mr Achuthanandan has cleverly supplanted the ‘Glaxo baby’, representative of multinational interests and, therefore, anathema to an old guard Communist, with the ‘Amul baby’, the epitome of grass-root level cooperative success. 

Nor do we discount the possibility of that eternal cultural disconnect among regions north and south of the Vindhyas, whereby the ‘babalogs’ of the north transmute into the ‘baby’ of the south. In all this baby talk, one would have loved to hear what the girl in the polka-dotted dress might have to say. Unquote. 


Having read and heard about this episode, I tried to put my thoughts in verse form.
Before I move on,I would like to clarify that besides my own two babies-a son and a daughter,I have known four other babies in my life so far.Are you wondering whether at 62, I am about to confess about my other wanderings beyond the matrimonial boundaries? No, no. I am talking of Branded Babies ! Yes, besides AMUL’s polka dotted wise girl since the late forties,I remember MURPHY Baby of the famous Murphy Brand of Radios of the late sixties.Next, I remember the Glaxo Baby too,since Glaxo products were commonly used by my family,during the growing up years of my children.I also remember FAREX baby logo to some extent,since that was a popular baby cereal in  those times.
So then, here is my versified imaginary exchange of dialogue between our RG (Rahul Gandhi) and VSA ( the Kerala CM ):
RG :    VSA,VSA,you are now ripe at eighty-seven,
          It’s time you packed your bags for going to heaven.  
              VSA,VSA, don’t be so unwise and naive,
         You are weary enough,with a foot in the grave.
             VSA,VSA,it’s time,from politics,you now retire,
         Go,chant your daily mantras,make way for the young,
         who aspire. 
VSA : Rahul Baba,Rahul Baba,you are now at forty,
                   You’re just a toddler,so behave,don’t be so naughty. 
              I am a Bhishma Pitamah,in my field,you see,
                   While you ? You are nothing but an Amul Baby !
              Rahul,oh Rahul,go eat your pasta and sprouts,
                   Talk to me later,when your wisdom teeth are out !
RG : VSA,VSA,your slip is so very obvious,
              Your knowledge of brands,alas,is so atrocious.
          Amul Baby,is a famous brand icon you see,
               It’s utterly,butterly,so delicious and so tasty.
          Hence,I don’t mind your direct barbs at me,
               I come from a famous political lineage,you see.
          The more you aim such poisoned darts at me,
               The more Amul brand mileage,I get for free.
        Had you called me a Glaxo Baby,it would’ve been still better,
              The MNC would rush to me,their new brand ambassador.    
        Ah,Yes,had you even called me a Murphy Baby,
              It wouldn’t have mattered a wee bit to me.
        I would have smiled and still loved it,as well.
             For FM Radio Channels,then would have something
             new to yell ! 
Dear Readers,your additions to the above lines will be welcomed.Your feedback and comments will be appreciated too.So,go ahead,don’t let go this opportunity at any cost !  And yes,keep smiling !!



I love interacting with children. Recently, I asked a 5 year old sikh boy to recite a poem. 

He started singing “Machhli Jal Ki Raani Hai ” with actions and all,as expected. 

The original Hindi poem is as under : 

Machhli jal ki raani hai, 

Jeevan uss ka paani hai. 

Haath lagaao tau darr jaaey, 

Bahar nikaalo tau marr jaaey ! 

Translation : 

The female fish is the queen of water. 

Water is her life. 

If you touch her,she gets frightened. 

If you take her out of water,she dies ! 

I next asked him if he knew about a new poem on a “Machhla “. 

As expected, he was perplexed.I told him that the poem he had recited was about a female fish or a ” machhli” and did he know a similar poem on a male fish or a “machhla”?  

He looked first at his mom and then at me,his crazy uncle !  

I recited my new version of the poem with the gender of the fish changed and replacing some words of the original poem with suitable words to rhyme. 

Here is my effort : 

Machhla jal ka raaja hai, 

Jeevan uska baaja hai. 

Bajtaa rahey tau bach jaata, 

Bandd hovey tau marr jaata. 

Translation : 

The male fish is the King of water. 

Music is his life. 

If music keeps playing,he survives. 

If it stops, he dies ! 

Now don’t ask me questions about the connection between a male fish and music in the above poem. Can’t a poet take some poetic license and imagine some situations?

Seeing the boy smile at my gender changed poem, I ventured a bit further.I asked him if he knew the famous poem :” Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat ” ?

He nodded his head and on further prodding, he recited the famous poem, with actions. We all clapped to cheer him up !

My naughty mind took another turn and I asked him if he knew the new version of the poem where a male cat goes to London and not a female (pussy) cat. He laughed out loud and shook his head but he was all attention to hear my new version with the gender changed, with of course some liberties taken here and there.

Here is my version:

Pussa Katta,Pussa Katta, 

Where have you been ?

I have been to London

To look at the King.

Pussa Katta,Pussa Katta,

Were you able ?

No,but I frightened a big mousaa,

Under the table.

This time, the child clapped his hands, seemingly enjoying the poem. My effort at gender changing in a poem, had hit bulls eye and the child’s smile was ample proof of that. It was also a huge reward for my efforts. Sometimes, a little bit of imagination with a large dose of creativity, can help you to win and influence children. What do you say, dear readers ? Try your hand to re-write nursery rhymes with the gender change idea and see if you come out with winning compositions to regale our children of today. I shall wait for your responses. Go, take a plunge !


Chhavi Rajawat….

Chhavi Rajawat….

This morning , while reading my early morning news paper,I came across an ad for “Technology Day” (11th May 2011) issued by Ministry for Science and Technolgy.I was happy to see the name of Ms Chhavi Rajawat,Sarpanch,Village Soda,Dist.Tonk,Rajasthan, as one of the key speakers in the symposium.

Why this sudden fascination with Chhavi, you will be tempted to ask. Well, when I first read and heard about her ,I had posted a long piece on her in another prestegeous forum,on 5th April 2011,under the title of “Persona Grata:Mover & Shaker”. Here is the link to the posting for those interested to read it direct on the website of the forum :

Today, almost after a month and a week ,I am posting the same piece for a more larger readership,herebelow :

PERSONA GRATA: Mover and Shaker by

J.S. Broca

April 5, 2011 by writespace4iw  

Since, after my retirement in 2009, I have been involved as a Visiting/Guest Faculty in a number of colleges/institutions in New Delhi,teaching various subjects to MBA, BBA and PGDBM students, whenever I see, hear or read anything related to educational field, my antennas perk up ! 

Here is what impressed me when I read in the media, a few days ago about a girl. 

She wears kurtis and jeans.No harm with that,though some of our societal moral police force in some parts of our country have strongly voiced their views saying that girls should not wear jeans.I will not enter into a debate here. 

She looks like a model,or may be an upcoming Bollywood starlet.Again no harm in being good looking and well endowed by nature.Its God’s gift I suppose. 

She is an MBA.So what of it ? With a mushroomed growth of educational institutions in every lane of a town/city,MBAs are mass produced and are out in lacs every year. 

She is computer savvy.Well,in today’s environment,it is necessary to have at least basic knowledge of computers. Computer classes are minting money these days with easy and affordable packages.So,being savvy is an added advantage. 

She is our country’s youngest and only MBA sarpanch of a remote village in Rajasthan. Am I joking or what,you will be inclined to say.No, I am serious. 

Meet Chhavi Rajawat.She recently addressed the 11th Info- Poverty World Conference at the United Nations and won appreciation for her work and mission. 

This 30- year- old girl gave up a senior management position (earning around Rs.50,000/- a month) with Bharti Tele-ventures (part of the Airtel group) to serve her beloved villagers at Soda, 60km from Jaipur, in Tonk District, in backward Rajasthan. The village is home reportedly to around 7000 people, mostly farmers.Soda has been officially declared as a most backward area by the Government. 

Chhavi has set a perfect example for the oft repeated quote thse days- ‘think global, act local’.This MBA degree holder, who has till recently seen the inside of the corporate world, is now going around with illiterate or semi-literate villagers. 

She simply gave up her plum job,left the shackles of her hitherto urban lifestyle, and decided to serve the underprivileged inhabitants of her ancestral village,Soda,after the people, who fondly refer to her as ‘Baisa’, elected her as their Sarpanch (village head) sometime in February, 2010. This is what she said on her elevation to the new post : “The villagers breached their caste, gender and religious barriers to guarantee my win.I belong to Soda and they need me”. 

That is not all.Hear this : “I am a village girl,but thankfully, I have had an opportunity to learn in some of the best educational institutions.I came back to my village to work for them. I owe to this village, where I grew”. 

What inspiring words from the mouth of this village girl !They are very relevant in view of the fact that still many village people  do not feel the need for educating the girl child. 

By the way,she studied at the Rishi Valley School in Bangalore, Lady Shriram College in Delhi and had topped her MBA class in the Indian Institute of Modern Management, Pune. If I talk in the language of our elders,I would say-”Beti, tum nein apney khaandan aur gaon ka naam roshan kar diya !” (dear,you have made your family and your village, proud of you) 

Every MBA knows about what is called the vision and mission statement of a corporate entity.Now let us see her vision and mission.She has laid down her priorities very clearly.She has a master plan well chalked out with priorities like drinking water,sanitation, forestation, better education,providing electricity to every household, roads, self- employment especially for women, adult education and vocational training especially for the youth.In short,her efforts will be to ensure a self reliant and self sufficient village. 

Great intentions and motives.However,as is usual,such projects need money.Lack of sufficient funds is a hindrance.So,to support her project, she devotes some of her time at the family-run Hotel Kailrugji in Jaipur and is very hopeful of mobilizing the funds that she needs. 

The people of Soda have expressed their confidence in their new sarpanch’s capabilities. According to reports and feedback from the villagers, in the past six months,the standard of living of the people has significantly improved.She goes around to every village school and converses with the village children in English,encouraging them to continue their studies.In fact,the villagers have opined that:” Baisa is much better than the MLA of this constituency”. 

Yes,motivating others,persevering for others,working for the neglected sectors of the society-are all acts which if done earnestly,give a lot of mental satisfaction to the doer ! 

What about her own desires,her passions,her hobbies-you will ask me,for,at this young age,how can you expect such self less service from her? This is what she says : ”I do not miss my city life.I have a lot of passions –watching movies, reading books and listening to music, to name a few,but nowadays,I have no time for all that. There is so much to be done and getting work done is not easy.” 

So,according to me,Chhavi is a real mover and shaker literally. She has moved from a city life full of allurements to a simple village life.She has moved from air conditioned chambers of corporate offices to the thatched roofs of her village.She has moved from her plum job in the cities to her mission in the rural area of her native village.She has shaken the myth that village girls are meant to get married and look after the chulha-chowka of her in-laws and her pati-parmeshwar ! She has shaken the rural people and has sought their co-operation in turning around their lives for the better. My salaams to this mover and shaker of the next-gen !

There were many lovely responses to this posting. I shall post some of them later in a follow-up piece on this persona grata.Till then see some of her photographs :



Your valuable responses would be welcome on this MBA Girl with Leadership Skills.

If you Google Chhavi Rajawat,you will get about 51,700 results in just 0.07 seconds ! Amazing, no?

Exports Management…

Exports Management …

During my long tenure with BANK OF INDIA (29 years),one of my favourite areas of interest was EXPORTS.I have dealt with appraisal,inspection and financing of Exports.I have seen many EOUs (Export Oriented Units) and have talked to MBA students on the subject of EXPORTS MANAGEMENT.   


Recently,there was a lovely piece on this favourite subject of mine,in FE.
To read it, please go to the following link :
On reading the piece,this is what I had written to the editor in response :
Dear Sir,
This refers to your hard-hitting Editorial titled :”Swallows and exports” of 5th May 2011.The reasons behind our lack-lustre performance on the exports front, are not difficult to swallow !
Making policy guidelines is one thing, but ensuring provision of  required infra-structural  facilities and linkages of prime importance,is another significant aspect too.
Serious thinking needs to be done in following major areas so that overall improvement is there in near future:
a) Accelerating the economy from low level activities to high level economic activities by making it a globally oriented vibrant economy with a view to derive maximum benefits from expanding global markets.
b) Stimulating sustained economic growth by providing access to essential raw-materials, intermediates, components, consumables and capital goods required for increasing production.
c) Enhancing technologica1 efficiency of our agricultural, industrial and service sectors, with a view to improve their competitiveness.
d)Generating new employment.opportunities and encouraging attainment of internationally accepted  quality standards.
e) Providing quality consumer products at  reasonable prices.
A few of the irritants that seriously affect our export performance are as under:
1) Support for Technological up-gradation
2) Benefit and flexibility to Status Holders
3) Stability / Continuity of the Foreign Trade Policy
4) Procedural Simplification and Reduction of Transaction Costs.
Furthermore,it is felt that genuine representations from various associations of leather goods,handloom sector,textiles,gems and jewellery,handicrafts,toys,electronics,sports goods etc need to be given a sympathetic hearing,so that these sectors become buoyant once again and significantly add to our exports kitty.
Also the role of Exports Promotion Councils and such other facilitating bodies need to be made distinct and target oriented.
Bankers too need to be sensitised to have qualified and experienced work force manning their Exports and Foreign Exchange portfolios/desks so that required timely help and guidance is made to all exporters.
Let us hope our Exports Sector will soon become a Sunrise Sector once again and sooner the better.
Let me see if my views are published in the news paper in a few days or not.


Mothers’ Day Song….

Mother’s Day Song …

My ever favourite song in praise of mothers, is from an old Bollywood movie titled “Raja Aur Runk” (1968).

On the occasion of Mothers’ Day (8th May 2011), I make a humble attempt to translate this song from Hindi to English for the benefit of my readers.

I dedicate this posting to my late mother.

The original song is as under :

Tu Kitni Achhi Hai, Tu Kitni Bholi Hai, Pyaari Pyaari Hai, O Maa, O Maa !

Yeh Jo Duniya Hai,Yeh Ban Hai Kaanton Ka, Tu Phulwaari Hai, O Maa, O Maa !

Dukhne Laagi Hai Maa Teri Aankhiyaan, Mere Liye Jaagi Hai Tu, Saari Saari Ratiyaan,

Meri Nindiyaa Pe, Apni Nindiyaa Bhi, Tune Vaari Hai, O Maa, O Maa…..

Apna Nahin Tujhe Sukh Dukh Koi, Main Muskaaya,Tu Muskaayi, Main Roya Tu Royi,

Mere Hansne Pe, Mere Rone Pe, Tu Balihaari Hai, O Maa,O Maa……

Maa Bachon Ki Jaan Hoti Hai, Voh Hote Hai Kismat Waale,Jinki Maa Hoti Hai, Kitni Sundar Hai,

Kitni Sheetal Hai, Nyaari Nyaari Hai, O Maa,O Maa …….

Tu Kitni Achhi Hai, Tu Kitni Bholi Hai, Pyaari Pyaari Hai, O Maa, O Maa….

 Translation :

Mother,you are so good, you are so innocent,

You are so very loveable, Oh mom, Oh mom…..

This world is like a forest full of thorns, In which,you are like a garden full of flowers. Oh mom, Oh mom…..

Your eyes are very sore and so tired, Since you have been awake for me,all nights.

You have sacrificed your sleep,so that I could sleep well, Oh mom,Oh mom…..

You aren’t bothered of your own happiness or sorrows; When I smiled, you smiled; when I cried, you cried.

You just went agog with emotions to my crying and to my laughter. Oh mom,Oh mom…..

A mother is really the life of her children, The ones who have mums,are really fortunate.

You are so beautiful,so cool and calm. So wonderful are you, Oh mom,Oh mom……….

Mother, you are so good, you are so innocent, You are so very loveable, Oh mom, Oh mom…..

To view and enjoy this song on Youtube,go to the following link: