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Munni v/s Sheila…

Munni vs Sheila: The battle of the ‘item’ girl

Dec 24, 2010 
Item number
Shiela Ki Jawani and Munni Badnam topped charts.
Malaika Arora-Khan’s Munni badnaam hui and Katrina Kaif’s Sheila ki jaawani both made to the the chart-topping ‘item’ numbers’ list. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and other websites are currently going all-out to try and establish which of the two is the more popular
dance number.
When I read the above piece of news in SCREEN of 28th December 2010,this was my comment on the story :

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on 2010-12-28 
Dear Sir,I think it is time for a change now .The stereotype item girl needs to be replaced with ITEM BOYS.Let some innovative producers and directors come out with item boys crooning lyrics like :”MUNNA BADNAAM HUAA DARRLING TEREY LIEY..” or “SALIM OR SALMAN KA BHUDHAAPA…” A twist in the tale will surely fetch more footfalls and grab more eye balls.”WHAT AN IDEA SIR JI !”
Those who wish to see the original piece,please go to the following link :
The year is about to end…so dance to your favourite tune…whether it is Sheila or it is Munni…..

Its Blondes Time Again…

Its Blondes Time Again…
My readers are familiar with my fascination with BLONDES and I have earlier blogged on this species a few times earlier here.
In today’s Hindustan Times (29/12/10) I read an interesting piece of news. The news item is pasted herebelow:  
‘Blondes earn more than brunettes’

Press Trust of India, PTI  London, December 29, 2010

Blonde women earn more than brunettes or redheads, a new study in Britain has revealed.
According to the study, based on a survey of 3,000 women in Britain,the average blonde earns some 23,150 pounds a year, versus 22,586 pounds for brunettes and 22,327 pounds for redheads.
In fact, to be specific, blondes pocket an average of 564 pounds more a year than women with dark hair – and 823 pounds more than those with ginger tresses. But it makes no difference if the colour is natural or from a bottle.

Despite this, more than half of blondes claim their firm “does not take them seriously”, ‘The Sun’ reported.
Meanwhile, dark-haired women are the most likely to work late, according to the survey by Superdrug chain.

Director of Toiletries Simon Comins was quoted by the British tabloid as saying, “Over a lifetime earning 600 pounds more a year can really add up, so blondes are having the last laugh.”
My take on this news is as under : 
1.Hey Dark Haired Baby,go bleach your hair to earn more.
2.Dear Brunettes , its time to reach for the dye bottle.
3.I read some where that traditionally, the stereotype of a blonde is that she is a little ditzy and a bimbo, but this shows that blondes are the higher earners.
4.Does this mean blondes work the hardest? Apparently not.I understand that the study also showed that a typical blonde is a stubborn nine to five girl, who will be out the office on time leaving her brunette counterparts slogging away after-hours.
5.Here is your New Year Resolution for 2011-“I will earn more in   
this year by turning into a Blonde.”

Before I rush off to buy a new year gift of a dye bottle for my girl friend,I wonder whether these researchers have nothing better to do than engage themselves with such insane subjects ! 

Any way, the news did make me chuccckkkllle early in the morning.



Badan Pey Sitaarey—-Prince

Golden Oldies…

One of my most favourite Bollywood numbers,is the song from the film titled “Prince” sung by late Md. Rafi (alongwith Shammi Kapoor?)
Prince was a 1969 Hindi movie produced by F. C. Mehra and had been directed by Lekh Tandon. The film starred Shammi Kapoor, Vyjayanthimala, Rajendranath, Ajit, Helen, Leela Chitnis and Asit Sen. The film’s music was by Shankar Jaikishan. The film became a box office hit.
Here are the lyrics of this song as remembered by me from my college days (I was studying in BE II of M S University Baroda then !) as heard on a Standard Record in those times.The LP version had an extra verse,if I remember correctly.
Badan pey sitaarey—-Prince
badan pey sitaarey lapatey huye,
o jaane tamanna kidhar jaa rahee ho
zara paas aayo toh chain aa jaaye – (2)

hamee jab naa honge toh aye dilruba,
kisey dekh kar haaye sharmaayogee
naa dekhogee phir tum kabhee aaina,
hamarey bina roz ghabraayogee
badan pey sitaarey lapatey huye……

mohabbat kee yeh intaha ho gayee,
ke mastee mein tumko khuda keh gaya
zamaana yeh insaaf karta rahe,
bura keh gaya yah bhalla keh gaya…
badan pey sitaarey lapatey huye,
o jaane tamanna kidhar jaa rahee ho
zara paas aayo, toh chain aa jaaye…
Extra verse :
hai banane sawarane kaa jab hee maza,
koyee dekhne waala aashik toh ho,
nahee toh yeh jalwe hain bhujhate diye,
koyee mitne waala ek aashik toh ho
badan pey sitaarey lapatey huye……
As mentioned earlier somewhere,I had the hobby of translating hit songs from Hindi films into English and singing them in college and hostel functions, keeping the original tune of the Hindi song in tact.
I was by God’s grace,always a hit and in a lot of demand on such occasions.I have a few black and white photographs of that era with me till today ! Nostalgic….stuff !
Here is my own translation (now almost learnt by heart !) for you to croon and enjoy….
Winding the stars on your body,
Oh dear,dear, darling,
Where are you going,
Just come near,
And then I shall get peace
Just come near,
And then I shall get peace…
Winding the stars….
When ever I am not there
Then Oh sweety pie,
Whom will you look at
And then feel shy,
You will never ever see the mirror again,
Without me,you’ll
Crave and cry…
Winding the stars….
It was at the climax
Of my love for you
That in ecstacy,
I thought-God was you.
Let this world
Keep judging for itself,
Whether it was good
Or-bad,mind you….
Winding the stars……

This song continues to mesmerise me even today after more than   4   decades….
Enjoy the song… Youtube link :
I hope you loved listening to it as much as I loved talking and posting about it.
Yes,I must have seen the movie over half a dozen times I think.Here is the star cast as I remember :
Shammi Kapoor as Prince Shamsher Singh,Vyjayanthimala as Princess Amrita,Rajendra Nath as Vilayatiram,Ajit as Ratna’s Brother,Helen as Sophia,Leela Chitnis as Mrs. Shanti Singh,Parveen Choudhary as Ratna, Sudhir as Sajjan Singh,Sunder as Zoravar,Rashid Khan Zorawar Singh,D.K. Sapru as The King of Jamnapur,Ulhas as The King of Ramnagar,Leela Mishra as Kamla,David Abraham as Diwan Randhir as Michael. Another highlight of the film was a song :”Muqabla Hum Sey Naan Karo..” which was a scintillating dance competition between Vyjayantimala and Helen…see it on Youtube…link:


Helen has been the supreme dance girl of Indian cinema.To know more about this great dancing star,go to :


Urdu Ghazal

Urdu Ghazal…..
I have often lamented the fact on my blog that I had started learning Urdu from my late father sometime in late sixties (while in school)  but soon gave it up as I did not have the patience…Alas ! Today , I certainly miss enjoying chaste Urdu poetry when I chance to read it or hear it but fail to understand the meaning of some really difficult words in Urdu.
However,today help is available through internet in understanding Urdu words.
Recently, a friend of mine, named Safiyyah Patel, from UK, had posted a lovely Urdu  Ghazal on Your Space of Muse India e-magazine on 21/12/10 alongwith its equally good English translation.
Dear Readers,I liked the ghazal and its translation so much that I decided to give it some prominent place on my blog
So,here it is…….
Original in Urdu by Meraj Faizabadi…
tere baare mein jab sochaa nahin thaa,
main tanhaa thaa magar itnaa nahin thaa
teri tasveer se kartaa thaa baatein,
mere kamre mein aainaa nahin thaa
samandar ne mujhe pyasaa hi rakhaa,
mein jab sehraa mein thaa, pyasaa nahin thaa
manaane roothne ke khel mein hum,
bichchad jaayenge ye sochaa nahin thaa
sunaa hai bandh karli usne aankhen,
kaiee raton se woh soyaa nahin thaa

It is also available on the net and if interested,go to the following link :

Translation :
when I hadn’t thought about you,
I was lonely but not quite so much.
I used to talk to your image,
my room didn’t have a mirror as such
the ocean left me high and dry
in the desert, I did not feel thirst’s touch
playing the coy game of love
didn’t think we’d be separated as such
heard, he has shut his eyes for good
for nights on end he hadn’t slept much

I read a posting by a reader who had added one more couplet to the original.I loved it too.So here it is ….   

tum nein yeh dil lekar mera mujh sey
kyon iss ko sambhal key rakha nahin thaa !

Very little personal information on the poet Meraj Faizabadi is available on the net.If readers have some information about him please send it to me.I shall be thankful. 

However,here is a picture downloaded from Google Images : 

Meraj Faizabadi 

As a bonus for my readers,here is another equally good ghazal of this poet : 

hum ghazal mein teraa charchaa nahin honey detey,

teri yaadon ko bhi rusvaa nahin honey detey.  

kuchch to hum khud bhi nahin chaahatey shohrat apni,

aur kuchch log bhi aisa nahin honey detey.  

azmattein apnein charaagon ki bachaaney ke liyey,

hum kisi ghar mein ujaalaa nahin honey detey.

mujh ko thakney nahin detaa yeh zaroorat ka pahaad,

merey bachhey mujhey  boodha nahin honey detey.  

Yes,you can see the poet reciting this ghazal at some mushaira,on Youtube,by going to the following link :

Happy viewing… 

Before, signing off, here is Safiyyah Patel’s photo :

Creativity at its BEST !

Creativity at its BEST !
The year 2010 is about to end.My readers know about my love for brand AMUL and its scintillating ads.So ,here is a wrap up based on a random selection of lovely Amul Hits of this season-for your viewing pleasure.S..L..U..R..P…They are YUMMY,aren’t they ??
Unaffordable escalating price of onions – Dec ’10
Chief Minister of Bihar re-elected with a sweeping majority – Nov ’10
Phone tapping & 2G spectrum scam- Dec’10
Top Industrialist brothers competing with one another
in building their private mansion in Mumbai – Dec ’10
Sachin Tendulkar, the first batsman to score 50 test centuries – Dec ’10
Lets hope AMUL will continue with its topical ads to make us smile,cry,laugh,enjoy,celebrate,curse, (list of emotions is endless!) with the daily happenings in Mera Bharat Mahaan in the new year.
Let us unanimously say :”Mera AMUL Mahaan !”

Knowing our onions…

Knowing our onions…
Onions are in the news.Onion prices have gone through the roof.Do I smell another scam or what ? The humble onion grabs several headlines in almost all newspapers.Even our otherwise cool-as-a cucumber PM Manmohan Singh,has stepped in to bring down the onion prices by suggesting some measures like banning exports,selling onions at controlled rated from Nafed stores and importing onions from the ever obliging (!) neighbour – Pakistan (onion politics ?).As usual,Planning Commission blames Agricultural Minisitry,which in turn, blames unseasonal rains and middlemen raising the prices to their own advantage.This blame game is like that musical chairs game we often play during social get togethers !

I recall from memory that the humble onions had been the sole reason for fall of at least two Governments-one at the centre in 1980 and one in Delhi in 1998.BJP and others opposition parties are now rallying against the Congress these days,trying to use scams,corruption and now onions, as platforms for dislodging the Government !

I am reminded of several smelly and delightful quotes on onions from my collection.Close your nostrils and enjoy their flavour :
1. Life is like an onion : you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.-Carl Sandburg.
2. An onion can make people cry but there’s never been a vegetable that can make people laugh.- Will Rogers.
3. Life is an onion and one peels it crying-A French Proverb.
4. An onion will not produce a rose- A Latin Proverb.
5. A cat has nine lives,as the onion  has seven skins- A German Proverb.
6. An onion shared with a friend tastes like roast lamb-  An Egyptian Proverb.
7. It is better to have bread and an onion with peace than stuffed fowl with strife- An Arabian Proverb.
8. Different men have different opinions-some like apples,some onions.-An Indonesian Proverb.
9. Give graciously-even an onion – An Afghan Proverb.
10. Happy is said to be the family which can eat onions together-Charles Dudley Warner.
11. Life is like an onion.Why? Because you peel away layer after layer and when you come to the end you have nothing.- A Yiddish Proverb.
Well,all said and done,with the onion prices becoming a tear-jerker,above quotes and proverbs take a totally different meaning today.
Our Hindi films are usually a song and dance stuff, as is well known to the outside world at large. Our songs have lyrics extolling the virtues of Pyaar (Love). During these trying times it would be really socially relevant to replace this word with Pyaaz ( the Hindi word for onion) and our usual songs could be a hit with the masses as are reality shows currently.
Imagine songs like :
“Dill will pyaaz wyaaz main kya jaanoo rey,jaanoo to jaanoo bas itna ki,main tujhey apna maanoon rey…”     
“De de pyaaz de,pyaaz de,pyaaz de,rey de de pyaaz de..”
“Pyaaz khaaya tau darna kya,pyaaz khaaya,koi chori nahin ki,ghut ghut aahein bharna kya..”
“Lekey pehla pehla pyaaz,bhar key saanson mein khumar, jaadoo nagri sey aaya hai koi jaadugar…”
“Pyaaz bantatey chalo, hey pyaaz bantatey chalo..”
“Pyaaz humein kis mod pey ley aaya…koi tau bataaey,hai…”
“Pyaaz to ek din mehnga hona thaa,ho gaya…”
“Pyaaz huaa,ek raaz hua, hai pyaaz sey fir kyon, darta hai dill..”
“Pyaaz binaa zindagi bekaar hai…”
“Pyaaz khaaney waaley,pyaaz khaatey hain shaan sey…”
“Pyaaz ke iss khel mein,teraa peechcha naan chhodunga soniey,bhej dey chahey jail mein..”
“Pyaaz maanga hai tum sey,naan inkaar karo…”
“Aaj kal terey merey pyaaz key charchey harr zabaan parr,sab ko maloom hai….”
“Pyaaz,zindagi pyaaz bandagi hai…”
“An onion a day,keeps the doctor away…” was a poor man’s way towards his health as against a rich man’s quote : “An apple a day,keeps the doctor away..”
This season,families here, are requesting Santa Claus to gift them bags of 5 or 10 kgs of onions instead of the usual Christmas goodies.
It may not be quite un-imaginable or out of place to see guests attending wedding parties and functions with designer gift hampers or packs of hand picked first quality onions, for the hosts,instead of cookies and sweetmeats.And such packs will be accepted with tears of joy by the hosts,don’t you think ?

Well, there is a crying need for a few kgs of these onions in my kitchen, as my wife has arranged a kitty party of the friendly neighbourhood ladies on Christmas Day at our pyaaz-less house.So I am off on a pyaaz hunt….You feel sorry for me ? Yes,you should !


Food Shows on TV…


I read the following article on the website of SCREEN-my favourite magazine for my daily Bollywood fix :

Sizzling Screen 

Somya Lakhani, Posted: Dec 13, 2010  

In the summer of 1993, a 30-minute-long cooking show on Indian television was changing afternoon viewing. Many spent hours glued to their TV sets, noting down recipes and experimenting with the various dishes that the celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor cooked on his show, Khana Khazana. This was more than just a cooking show — housewives, young brides and foodies all got a sense of power in the kitchen.

Seventeen years and a number of food-related shows later, Indian viewers have accepted food as one of the many sources of entertainment on television. This is precisely the reason why three 24X7 exclusive food channels are making their Indian debut. While Zee is playing it’s age old Khana Khazana card by naming their food channel Zee Khana Khazana; Sanjeev Kapoor has collaborated with Astro All Asia Network to come up with a channel called ‘Food-Food’ and Real Global Broadcasting Private Limited has a food channel by the name ‘Food First’. Zee Khana Khazana has been on air since Wednesday. Both Food-Food and Food First are expected to go on air early 2011.

Food is currently enjoying lots of attention across the world. And Indians are no longer immune to it. “The average middle-class Indian is now travelling abroad and has great exposure to the world and quick access to information through the internet. This is the reason why niche genres like food are now mainstream,” says Sid Khullar, editor of the popular blog Chef at Large.

Food as a genre has introduced newer elements, apart from the cooking shows, on the small screen. There is more drama to itnow — reality-based food shows, travel-based food shows, quick cooking, food quizzes, chef face-offs and more. With shows such as Touch of Turmeric and Khana Khazana on Zee Khana Khazana, and Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen and Sirf 30 Minute on Food-Food, there is a focus on Indian content.

A number of successful and popular western food shows are also going to be aired, mostly on Zee Khana Khazana and Food First. “We have 30-40 per cent international formats and shows such as Gordon’s Great Escape, Hairy Bikers, Sweet Baby James and Chopping Block,” says Anurag Bedi, Business Head, Zee Khana Khazana. Then there is a show like Firangi Tadka on Food-Food that is based on ‘Indianisation’ of international cuisine. “The channel and the show caters to the Indian audience and what better way than cooking non-Indian food in our own unique way,” says Kapoor.

Despite the popularity of food-based shows, these special channels are treading cautiously. “We are entering the terrain as a niche genre. Food may or may not appeal to the masses. But let’s see how it all pans out,” says Bedi. Over decades, a number of 24X7 channels — like those concentrating on news and music — have resorted to introducing variety to sustain viewership. “The food channels have to be packaged in a way that they appeal to all socio-economic brackets, apart from entertaining the viewers. We will have food-centric shows that would be connected to various aspects like travel, lifestyle, adventure, competition and reality,” says Raghavendra Madhav, executive director, Astro group, India and South Asia.

With shows such as MasterChef India failing to notch high TRPs, there is a fear that the food channels might end up having a limited viewership. Kapoor dismisses this. “It would be stupid to think that a food channel will only have a niche following. Food is the most integral part of our life and it’s a huge category and this format has worked very well in the West too.”

When I read this piece,I immediately posted my response which is now displayed on the website just below the article.To reach the article and see my comment,use this link : 

Here is what I said :

FOOD SHOWS by J S BROCA on 2010-12-19 09:05:06.640487+05:30 Sanjeev Kapoor has carved a niche for himself through his landmark show called “Khana Khazana” and seeing to the umpteen such food related shows on the idiot box,it appears that most of us are “slaves to our tastebuds” (“swaad key ghulaam“) and are always ready to learn and try out new items of exotic foods to tickle our palates.Gastronomic delights such as 24×7 food shows are likely to be a hit with our foody Indians ! Let all foodies of India unite to watch such shows for they have nothing to lose but to gain weight and pamper their taste-buds !! Will wait for FOOD-FOOD to start ! J S BROCA,NEW DELHI
 I would love to know what the Readers feel about such shows -A food for thought,Something to Munch on,or Just a Waste of Time …?




A Funny Poem…

My esteemed readers are by now,familiar with my obsession with fun and humour. Alas,I can change my jeans,but not my genes ! The reason why I never wear jeans,is another story by itself. 
Today,I intend to share with you,a funny poem I heard and  read recently.
Often,misunderstandings crop up in our daily lives,either,much to our consternation or to our amusement.
Well,this poem is really a bit of both.Just wait till you have read the poem.
The actual title of the poem is : Facts of Life.
Here it is :
Facts of Life
The father smiled to see his child
Come running to his side.
“Please tell me, Daddy, what is meant
By that word ‘sex'”, she cried.
He looked aghast at this sweet girl –
She was but eight years old;
Too young, he thought and innocent
To break this childhood mould.

She should be playing with her dolls
Or other toys she had
Instead of asking questions such
As this one of her Dad.
With openness and honesty
An inborn family trait,
This Dad explained the facts of life
Quite candidly and straight.

His discourse finished, thankfully,
He kissed her on the cheek;
No word she’d uttered all the while,
But now began to speak:
“I didn’t think my question was
A matter so complex,
For Mum just said to tell you lunch
Is ready in two secs.”

I hope you loved the poem and the punch in the last line.If you smiled and laughed out loudly,then my purpose is served. 
Well,now I am about to reveal the suspense about the poet or poetess who has composed this funny poem .  
The poem has been composed by a famous Australian poetess named Vivienne Ledlie.
Vivienne lives in the Redlands Shire, Queensland, and is a long-time member of the Redlands Poets Society.While bush poetry is her first love, she also enjoys the challenge of writing different poetry formats, e.g. sonnets, haiku, ovillejo etc. She recently completed an HTML web page building course and now has her own web site at Rustacrystwhich features some of her poetry and photography.You can do a Google search to know more about this “Pride Of Australia” poetess.
Vivienne has self-published two booklets of poetry, proceeds from which have been donated to Operation Smile Australia, an organisation dedicated to helping children from underdeveloped countries born with severe yet rectifiable craniofacial deformities.
To contact Viv, you can email her at
Now what the hell is ” Bush Poetry ” ? Certainly,it has nothing to do with George Bush!  
Here is a link to the subject :
So,do make an attempt to enter into the bush and see what awaits you there.Happy Bushing !
Before I rush off to the bush,here is another new form of poetry,which I have yet to come across. It is called :” ovillejo “. Sounds like the name of a delightful variety of ice cream or “gelato” ( Italian form of ice cream ),no ?
Well here is the detail :The “ovillejo,” as I understand, is an old Spanish verse form that means “tight little bundle.” “-ejo” is a diminutive, and “ovillo” means “tangled ball of yarn.” I’ve seen only a few of them, but it was love at first sight, because of the fun involved. Here’s a home-made sample that will show why it’s called what it’s called, and illustrate the way the lines are related to each other. The last line is a “redondilla,” a “little round” that collects all three of the short lines. The rhyme scheme is established, but the meter is at the poet’s discretion, although in Spanish the longer lines tend to be octosyllabic. Here goes:


Evidence says I lie
But I–
Though all the world concur–
One voice, and one alone:
My own.
The experts cluck and groan,
“No, no! It’s round, not flat!”
Their data second that.
But I prefer my own.

Our well known friends on MUSE INDIA, who have by now mastered the art of “Tapestry”,can now try their hand at this quaint and interesting form of spinning a tangled ball of yarn !  


Dhak Dhak ….Madhuri

Dancers Line Up.   

This article appeared on the website of my favorite magazine SCREEN recently: 

JHALAK DIKHLA  JA –Season 4 : 

Actors Shekhar Suman and Renuka Sahane are among the 12 celebrity contestants of the “JHALAK DIKHLA JA – 4“ which will see former Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit making a comeback on TV as a judge.

The show, to be hosted by Mona Singh and Sumeet Raghavan, will also have television stars like Ragini Khanna, Ankita Lokhande, Sushant Singh Rajput, and Mahie Vij are participating in it along with Comedy Circus star Krushna Abhishek, Arjuna awardee pugilist Akhil Kumar, singer Anushka Manchanda, Indian idol contestant Meiyang Chang, besides item girl Yana Gupta. The show goes on air from December 13 on Sony TV.  The channel has decided to keep the identity of the 12th contestant as a surprise, that will be unveiled when the show goes on air next week, Sony officials said at a press conference in Mumbai on Tuesday night. “They were persuading me for two years. Finally, they took me to Los Angeles to see the American format of the ‘Dancing with Stars’ show,” Madhuri said. “The show was impressive and that is when the Sony officials said they were planning to replicate the same in India. That is when I decided that it was the right time to come in. Besides, dance is close to my heart,” she added. Madhuri said her preparations as a judge included understanding the different dance formats and styles. “I would be judging the personality of the contestants, their comfort level and their expressions and what they bring on stage,” she added.

Madhuri said she was in India just for the show and has no plans to do movies. “But you never know what future has in store for me,” she added.

On reading the above, this is the comment I posted on the website and the same is now displayed there just below the article: 


by J S BROCA on 2010-12-13 19:26:31. 

It was good to see the dhak dhak girl Madhuri Dixit Nene back in the premiere to the show JDJ-Season-4.She still has the million dollar smile and the star qualities even after becoming a mum of two kids. Doctor Nene seems to have all the luck in the world. I suggest the dhak dhak girl to bring in her Doctor pati as her dance partner in a surprise item in an episode in near future to bring in TRPs. It will be good to know if the good doctor can also dance to the tunes of his better half.Wishing Madhuri a scintillating show. All the Best. 


Those who wish to see the page directly can use this  link: 

As a reward for those who have read this posting, here is a bonus: 

Here are the links to Youtube videos of my favorite songs picturised on Madhuri Dixit : 

1.“Didi Tera Dewar Diwana…” (HAHK) 

2.” Dil dhak dhak karney laga…” (Beta) 

3. “Ek, do, teen…” (Tezaab) 




Finally, here is a lovely photograph of Madhuri Dixit and family:


Before I buzz off, here is a 1000 watt smile from this dhak dhak girl


Financial Management-Humour

Financial Management -Humour

I have been a banker for twenty nine long years before retiring from active service on 30th May 2009.I have studied Financial Management and have talked about it all my working life.I have analyzed many  a  balance sheets to gauge their inherent strengths or weaknesses before deciding to considering financing the units.

But,here is a case of an extra ordinary side of this subject, well presented by the real life story of two beggars. 

Financial Management (Humour)


Managing with less money

Financial Management (Humor)

A beggar to another beggar: I had a grand dinner at Taj yesterday.

How? The other beggar asked.

First beggar: Some one gave me a Rs 100/- note yesterday.

I went to Taj and ordered dinner worth Rs 1,000/-, and enjoyed the dinner.

When the bill came, I said, I had no money.

The Taj manager called the policeman, and handed me over to him.

I gave the Rs 100/- note to the police fellow, and he set me free.

A wonderful example of financial management indeed.

I hope you must have enjoyed this view point as much as I loved posting it.

Keep smiling and in case you come across such examples of Financial Management,that tickle you,do send them across to me. OK ?  Bye until the next round……..