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Pun-ny Haiku….

Pun-ny haiku
I recently read a funny haiku in English, by a poet named- Guy Ben  Moshe.
Who exactly is this Guy ? I will let you know soon. .
Meanwhile,the haiku goes like this :
Bill Gates’ Mom looks
At Zeroes in his income-
“Such a ‘naughty’ boy”

I tried to translate it into Hindi but somehow,I could not catch the flavour of the pun in the original ( zero = naught ).
However, I gave it a slight twist, relying on a Hindi film song about a naughty boy !
Here is my concoction :
Bill Gates Ki Amma
Uski Aamdani Ki Sankhya
Mein Dher Saari Zero
Dekh Kar Boli-
Mera Munda Bigda Jaayey….!
Dikhey Hai Hero-
Parr Aamdani Mein Zero…
Koi Tau Bataavo,
Arrey, Aisa kaahey….. ?
My Muse-ician friends can try to better this effort please !
Keep smiling…..

Confucius Says…..

Confucius Says…..

Readers must be aware that Confucius was a well known Chinese thinker and a social philosopher (551- 479 BC).Since my college days (1967 onwards) I had been enamored with his thoughts and quotes on various aspects of life. In fact whenever I came across a quote attributed to him. I would note it down in my diary. Today, with the gift of the internet, various quotes and sayings of his are available from many web sites attributed to him and his philosophy. However, since my interest was more in the funnier aspects of life, I slowly developed a taste for some of his really funny and pun-ny sayings and quotes. 

Why this sudden reference to Confucius today, you will wonder. I will just enlighten you. I remember having quoted him in one of my talks with MBA students a few months ago. The talk was regarding marketing practices and that some sellers preferred cash while some accepted credit.  

This was the quote:” You ask credit. I not give. You get mad. I give credit, you not pay. I get mad. Better you get mad.”- Confucius .The gist of the quote was that cash was preferable over credit.

The above quote came to my mind when I recently read the following news item in a local news-paper :

“Landlord asks for rent, gets thrown off first floor..” 

New Delhi, July 26 — 

A tenant threw his landlord off the first floor of his own house after the latter asked him to pay the outstanding rent. The incident took place in Om Vihar area in Uttam Nagar around 10:30 pmon Saturday. According to police, a heated argument between RaviGrover, the landlord, and Kishan Kumar, the tenant, turned violent and Kumar allegedly threw Grover off the first floor. The accused runs a tea stall in the area and stays on the first floor of the building while Grover lives on the ground floor.The police said Kumar had allegedly not paid the rent for the last four months and whenever Grover demanded money, he used to make excuses. “Grover had been asking Kumar to pay the outstanding rent but he always said that he would pay it the next month as he was in dire financial trouble. 

For the first two months Grover did not say anything but then he started asking Kumar for rent everyday,” said a senior police officer. The police said on Saturday night, Grover went to Kumar’s room and asked him to pay up or leave.” The two got into a fist fight and Kumar then allegedly pushed him over the railing of the room’s balcony,” added the officer. When Kumar tried to flee he was caught by the neighbors who handed him over to police. Grover was rushed to a nearby hospital where his condition is said to be critical. The police have arrested Kumar and based on Grover’s statement filed a case against him.

I thought of trying my hand at writing a pithy quote ( like the one quoted above) on the afore mentioned news item / situation , like my friend, philosopher and guide- Mr. Confucius. After a lot of effort, this is what I came out with : 

Grover : ” You ask rent. I get mad. Me not give. Me want time.”

Kumar: “Me want rent. Me not give time. If I get mad, Me throw you down  the floor. You better pay. Or I really get mad.”  

Finally, Kumar really got mad!! 

Moral of the story: It is always good to remember quotes of Confucius in such times and act wise !

Now my request to the readers is to come out with better and funnier reactions! Keep smiling…… 

Ah…yes, more of this Confucius quotes and sayings in the next episode…Keep watching this space!

Speaking of puns….

Speaking of puns….

I recall having studied and enjoyed figures of speech in our English Grammar and Composition periods in higher classes while in school.Simile,Metaphor,Oxymoron,etc know.Wren and Martin’s book was the favourite book prescribed then.I still have a copy of it-my proud possession ! 

My most favourite one was of course the Pun,because  it was sheer fun !  

For those who have forgotten its basics,let me tell them that a pun is nothing but a humorous way of  exploiting two words or expressions,sounding the same with two different meanings, usually with two different spellings. 

A Pun is certainly one of the greatest wonders of the English language.I hope most of you will agree.  

I will now try to demonstrate the confusing nature of some English words and phrases. 

I am sure that these examples of funny and clever puns will regale you.You can of course add your own favourites to this list : 

1.A 100% reliable contraception is inconceivable.

2.Poetry written upside-down is inverse,while poetry of very few lines is universal.

3.Mostly,serious campers are intense.

4.You know that time flies like an arrow,while fruit flies like a banana.

5.Here is a suggestion:Sports people can avoid the pain of defeat by wearing comfortable shoes.

6.A girl who screamed and shouted for a pony,got a little hoarse.

7.Nuns generally wear plain colours because,old habits never dye.

8.The days of the pocket diary are numbered.

9.Old bikes should be retired.

10.Geometry holds clues for the meaning of life; look and you will see the sines.

11.If a leopard could cook,would he ever change his pots?

12.See one melée of unruly people and you’ve seen a maul.

13.Do hungry time-travellers ever go back four seconds?

14.You can’t beat a pickled egg.

15. Nut screws washer and bolts. ( A pun-ny headline following a laundrerette sex crime)

16.The food taster left his job because he had too much on his plate.

17.I met the woman of my dreams at the base of Mount Vesuvius and she is the lava of my life.

18.When I first tried the cough syrup,I did not know what to expectorate.

19.I knew my wife was pregnant when she looked at me with fertlilize.

20.I decide which beer to drink on a case to case basis.

21.I was going to buy a book on phobias but I was afraid it wouldn’t help me.

22.I used to do rock climbing as a youth but I was much boulder then.

23.The lights were too bright at the Chinese Restaurant,so the manager tried to dim sum.

24.I have a fear of needles-they really get under my skin.

25.My boyfriend and I started to date after he backed his car into mine-we met by accident. 

I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I loved posting the puns.Pun-ny aren’t they ? 

Keep smiling.

The Glass Story…

The Glass Half Full or Half Empty.

While delivering a talk to my MBA students I sometimes try to use motivational stories/quotes to drive home some point in my talk. 

A very popular story is about a glass-is it half full or half empty ? Even if you have heard of it earlier,perhaps you may not have heard about the amount of research that has been done on the topic ! 

Here is a long list of perceptions which shows how people can see the same thing in different ways.Get ready ! 

1.The optimist says the glass is half full. 

2.The pessimist says the glass is half empty. 

3.The project manager says the glass is twice as big as it  needs to be. 

4.The realist says the glass contains half the required  amount of liquid for it to overflow. 

5. The cynic… wonders who drank the other half….. 

6.The school teacher says it’s not about whether the glass  is half empty or half full, it’s whether there is something in  the glass at all. 

7. Attitude is not about whether the glass is half full or half   empty, it’s about who is paying for the next round. 

8.The professional trainer does not care if the glass is half   full or half empty, he just knows that starting the  discussion will give him ten minutes to figure out why his  powerpoint presentation is not working. 

9.The ground-down mother of a persistently demanding  five-year-old kid says sweetheart it’s whatever you want it  to be, just please let mummy have five minutes peace  and quiet. 

10.The consultant says let’s examine the question, prepare  a strategy for an answer, and all for a daily rate of… 

11.The inquisitive troublemaker wants to know what’s in the  glass anyhow… and wants the rest of it. 

12.The homebuilder sees the dirty glass, washes and dries it, then puts it away in a custom oak and etched glass cabinet that he built himself using only hand tools. 

13.The worrier frets that the remaining half will evaporate by the next morning. 

14.The fanatic thinks the glass is completely full, even   though it isn’t. 

15.The entrepreneur sees the glass as undervalued by half its potential. 

16.The computer specialist says that next year the glass  capacity will double, be half the price, but cost you 50%  more for me to give you the answer. 

17.The first engineer says the glass is over-designed for the quantity of water.

 18.The second engineer says (when the half is tainted) he’s  glad he put the other half in a redundant glass. (Based  on a Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams) 

19.The computer programmer says the glass is full-empty. 

20.The Buddhist says don’t worry, remember the glass is already broken. 

21.The logician says that where the glass is in process of  being filled then it is half full; where it is in the process of being emptied then it is half empty; and where its  status in terms of being filled or emptied is unknown  then the glass is one in which a boundary between liquid and gas lies exactly midway between the inside bottom and the upper rim, assuming that the glass has parallel sides and rests on a level surface, and where it does not then the liquid/gas boundary lies exactly  midway between the upper and lower equal halves of the available total volume of said glass. 

22.The scientist says a guess based on a visual cue is inaccurate, so mark the glass at the bottom of the  meniscus of the content, pour the content into a bigger  glass; fill the empty glass with fresh content up to the  mark; add the original content back in; if the combined  content overflows the lip, the glass was more than half full; if it doesn’t reach the top, the glass was more than  half empty; if it neither overflows nor fails to reach the  top then it was either half-full or half-empty. Now what  was the question again? 

23.The Dutchman would suggest to both pay for the glass and share the content.Then tells you he will have the bottom half. 

24.The personal coach knows that the glass goes from full to empty depending on the circumstances, and reminds  the drinker that he can always fill the glass when he  wishes. 

25.The grammarian says that while the terms half-full and    half-empty are colloquially acceptable the glass can technically be neither since both full and empty are  absolute states and therefore are incapable of being  halved or modified in any way. 

26.The auditor first checks whether the empty half is  material and then designs the audit procedures to obtain sufficient evidence to conclude that the glass is indeed empty. 

27.The waiter will hurry to replace the glass with a full one. For him there are no doubts: the glass was empty when  he took it away; it is full in the bill that he brings you. 

28.The magician will show you the glass with the full half at the top. 

29.The physician says that the glass is not empty at all – it is half-filled with water and half-filled with air – hence, fully filled on the whole! 

30.The musician says he/she is unimpressed with the  promoter of the concert for not providing more alcohol. 

31.The ineffective organization would discuss the question  during the board of directors meeting, convene a  committee to research the problem, and assign tasks for  a root cause analysis, usually without a complete  explanation of the problem to those assigned the tasks. 

32.The directors would consider the problem to be above  the pay grade of those assigned root cause analysis  tasks. 

33.And more strangely:The dog just wonders: can he eat  the glass or will you throw it so he can bring it back… 

34.The cat wonders why the glass is only half full (or empty)… is it a trick… poison perhaps… 

35.The eternally optimistic eccentric would say, the glass is  consistently overflowing (or is that the neurotic?…) 

36.The person who is no longer trapped in The Matrix  (whatever one might call him/her) says: “There is no  glass…” 

37.More generationally:The adolescent student says the  glass is just another dirty trick played by the teacher to  prove that students are dumb. 

38.More scientifically:The research scientist says that  following initial observation and testing a working  hypothesis for further research is: “The glass is both  half full and half empty,” and that these findings warrant  further investigation with a more representative sample  of  glasses and contents, which may or may not be  liquid. 

39.The algebraic simultaneous equation theorist says that if the glass is equally half full and half empty, then   half full = half empty; therefore ½ x F = ½ x E;  therefore (by multiplying both sides of the equation by 2) we show that F = E; i.e. Full equals Empty ! 

40.The efficiency analyst says the glass is operating  substantially below optimization level, being consistently  exactly 50% under-utilized during the period of  assessment, corresponding to an over-resourcing in meeting demand equating to precisely 200% of requisite  capacity in volume terms, not accounting for seasonal  trends and shrinkage, and that if the situation continues there is in theory opportunity for savings or expansion.

While the collective creative genius of various respondents is greatly appreciated, I welcome further additions.

You will ask me what is my take on this ?

Well,I feel the glass may contain a sample of urine to be sent to the lab for testing !  

I asked a Hare Krishna devotee what he thought of it.He said smilingly that it was Meera Bai’s glass of poison which Ranaji had sent her … 

See, possibilities are immense ! 

Come prove your genius with a witty reply or an idiotic reply even better than the quotes of 3 Idiots of Aamir Khan’s recent hit movie ! No awards or rewards please ! 

Join the fun.Keep smiling.


My letter in FE of 21.07.10

Here is the editorial from FE of 16th July :Editorial : More than a symbol
The Financial Express
Friday, Jul 16, 2010 

Mumbai: Once upon a time, we had no money. Many have called this our animal phase. Then, we came up with currencies. And then much later, we complemented some of them with symbols. As the number of countries grew, so did the number of currencies. And this phenomenon kept strengthening as trade leapfrogged across seas and continents to assume its current transnational dimension. But not all national currencies have symbols today. And not all those that do, attract significant attention, globally speaking. The keyboard on which this is being typed boasts only one currency sign—$. And this fact speaks volumes even if it does not negate the need to consider an alternative global reserve currency. It’s against this backdrop that we comment on the Indian government’s decision to formalise a symbol for the Indian Rupee. How about RS, Rs, INR, etc? Those are only abbreviations. Why do we need a currency symbol? This is sort of like questioning the need for a national flag or emblem or song. These are all symbolic players in global communication; to become integrated in the latter, it helps to have all the former. It’s a question of vision.

Note that the finance ministry announced a public competition for the rupee’s symbol design at a time when the the currency was going through a low ebb. Barclays Capital had said it could drop to 56 against the dollar. Also, there was talk of the euro—the most modern and wide-ranging currency experiment—becoming the new dollar. A year on, the rupee is hovering at a healthy 46 to a dollar, and the euro is in the doldrums. Symbols of both the euro and dollar reflect investments in continuity and aspirations of stability. On both criteria, IIT post-graduate D Udaya Kumar’s winning design is a winner indeed (artists may carry on an aesthetics debate). Whether it will become popular and even ubiquitous will depend on how strongly our economy performs. If India’s GDP and trade volumes keep growing impressively, then people will fall over each other to update keyboards, fix price tags, mobile pads, trading tickers and so on accordingly. It will also help if the rupee is allowed greater internationalisation. As of now, as RBI has noted, almost the entire bulk of international trade in India continues to be denominated in the dollar.

This is what I had written to FE on 16th July in response to the above editorial on the new rupee symbol :
Dear Sir, 
This refers to your Editorial:”More than a symbol” (ET 16th July 10) .
The new logo for the Indian Rupee is indeed a right step towards creating a distinct Brand Identity of Indian currency in the global international market. 
When other countries have their own symbols and logos,why too should have one,which is in tune with the changing global scenario where every one seems to be vying for a bigger share of eyeballs and footfalls. 
The prize winning logo of Udaya Kumar, shortlisted by our Government, seems to be an apt one -both symbollically and aesthetically but, will need modifications in standard computer key boards for popularising its use. 
Also a massive campaign will be needed to make the common man and rural masses aware of it. 
A hologram of the new symbol may preferably be used on currency notes to convey authenticity and to prevent printing of fake currency notes (counterfeiting) 
On a lighter note,while we are doing away with the earlier Re or Rs or INR,Shahrukh Khan’s latest home production movie on Robots is titled :Ra.1 which,if we go by the media reports,is the acronym for ‘Random Access-Version One’. On a similar note, perhaps the Government is going for a new shapely logo of the Rupee – call it ” Re/Rs Version 2010 ” !!   
Now here is the final version of my letter (as usual chopped up and shortened on the grounds of “space constraints”) !!ttt editor
The Financial Express
Wednesday, Jul 21, 2010

Apropos of the edit ‘More than a symbol’ (FE, July 16), the new logo is a right step towards creating a distinct brand identity of the rupee in the international markets. The logo is apt—both symbolically and aesthetically—but will need modifications in standard computer keyboards for popularising its use. Now, a mass campaign by the government is needed to make the common man and rural masses aware of the new symbol.

JS Broca, New Delhi



3 More Minis……

3 More Minis……
Mini Skirt 1.
(Skirting the issue of Salary)
  Asked a Professor to a PTY
  In his MBA class :
  What are the Three Most
  Powerful words, other than
  “I Love You”, lass ?
  Said the student feeling a bit shy:
  “I Don’t Know”,”Sorry Am I ” ?   
  “No,you are wrong-Miss Vallery,
  Its simple: ‘Received My Salary’ ” 
Mini Skirt 2.
(Skirting the issue of Marriage Expenses)
Listen- Ye All married Men :
It is said: Marriages are
Made In Heaven,
But I say it with no mirth –
Its Maintenance Charges
Have to be paid on this Earth !!
Mini Skirt 3.
(Skirting the issue of Realism)
A Pessimist- 
Sees a glass half empty of water,
That is his view of Life.
An Optimist-
Sees it half filled with water,
Its his vision of Life.
But the Realist-you see,
Just adds some whiskey
To the glass, and says-
Cheers To Life !!  
Keep smiling……. Hic Hic Hooray !!

3 Mini Poems

3 Mini Poems
koi aapko bewakoof kahey tau
aap dukhi mat hona
afsos mat karna
naan hi rona 
aaram sey kursi pey baith kar sochna-
ki saale uss ko patta kaisey chala !
Translation :
If somebody calls you stupid,
Don’t become sad,
Don’t regret it so bad,
Don’t cry over it either,
Just sit calmly on a chair
And do an analyser:
Just think how the bloke
Reached to the truth untold !
mainey kaha,doctor sahib,
koi lambi ummar ka tareeka bataayiey
woh boley beta,
shaadi key bandhan mein bandh jaayiey,
mainey poochcha
kya shaadi karney sey ummar lambi ho jaayegi ?
woh musukara kar boley
nahin,lambi ummar ki chahat khatam ho jaayegi !
Translation :
I asked the doctor
To advise me how to live a long life. 
He simply said :get married-find a wife.
I asked: will my life get longer with a wife?
Said he smilingly:no you’ll lose your wish for a long life ! 
doctor bola patient key dost sey :
aggar aap iss ko ek ghanta pehley ley attey,
tau hum iss ko bachaa letey.
dost ney kaha, adha ghanta pehley
tau iss ka accident hua hai,
ek ghanta pehley kaisey laatey ? 
Translation :
Said the doc to the patient’s friend
Had you wheeled him an hour ago
He wouldn’t have met this end.
I would certainly have saved him.
Said the friend to the learned doc
Sir,he met with this accident
Just half an hour ago-pray
How I could have brought him in as you say ?
Keep smiling………


New healthy Indian snack….

New healthy Indian snack….

Recently,I tasted a new brand of  a snack launched by Parle Agro. I was quite impressed with it. So here is a piece on this brand called HIPPO: 

Company : Parle Agro

Ad Agency : Creativeland Asia

Brand Analysis

Another brand has entered into the highly competitive snack- food market. The brand Hippo was nationally launched recently by Parle Agro. The Indian branded snack-food market is worth Rs 6500 crore has now become a battle ground of titans. Indian snack-food market growing at 25% p.a is witnessing marketing fight worth watching. The players are trying every tricks of the trade. This intense marketing competition has expanded the market and also created new segments. One such new segment is the healthy snack segment.

Marketers were aware of the gradual trend among consumers towards healthy foods. Although this trend is limited to certain sections of society, marketers are calculating that healthy snack-foods will become a mainstay category in the snack-food market. Infact Ms Indra Nooyi of Pepsico had openly stated her vision of Pepsico leading the healthy food movement. 

The healthy snack segment in the Indian Snack market has got a big boost in recent times with the launch of Aliva brand by Pepsico and Monaco Smart Chips by Parle. Earlier, Lays tried its hand by launching a low-calorie version to counter Bingo’s claim of ‘baked not fried ‘proposition. The high profile campaign of Monaco Smart Chips featuring Aamir Khan put the spotlight on the healthy angle of snacks. 

Hippo calls itself “Delicious Baked Munchies “. This baked wheat based munchy is neither a potato chips nor a biscuit, but something in between ( source Business India). The munchies are available in Pizza flavor, Chinese Manchurian, Hot N Sweet, Thai Chilly , Yoghurt Mint Chutney and Indian Chatpatta. The brand is priced at Rs 10 per pack. Hippo is currently running its launch campaign across channels. 

Hippo has tried to position itself differently from the rest of the brands. While the other snack brands have positioned itself on product properties, Hippo brand tried to take the generic need platform. For example: Lays is positioned as a convenient snack, Bingo on the different tastes, Aliva also on health + taste, Monaco Smart Chips on health (baked). 

Hippo is being positioned as a hunger- killer. The brand wants to be a guilt-free snack for hunger moments. The brand is banking on two properties – made from wheat and free of MSG & GMO to prove its healthy snack claim. 

The brand also chose a different way to communicating its positioning to the consumer. The brand is trying to tell a story. The story is based on the premise that ‘ Hunger is the root cause of all evil. So the brand motto is ‘ fight hunger, fight evil’. The brand has adopted the mascot Hippo who is in the forefront of eliminating hunger and thus eliminating evil. Hippo has the tagline “Hippo Fights Hunger “.  

Although the brand has tried to tell a story and successfully created an initial hype, I have serious reservations about the differentiation of the brand. The brand has taken the “Hunger” platform, but how is it different from other snack-foods that offer same qualities? How is Hippo different from a Bingo or Monaco Smart Chips? 

I feel a lack of uniqueness in the brand. The problem of lack of differentiation will come into forefront when the initial consumer interest dies down. Without a clear USP, the brand needs to constantly stay on top of the Share of Noise to drive the sales. If you observe the campaigns of Parle Agro brands, the company adopts a ” On/Off ” kind of advertising strategy. Sometimes there are lot of ads, and sometimes, there is no sign of any brand communication. In a category like Snacks such intermittent burst of ads may not work. One needs to have a steady continuous stream of campaigns to drive the sales. 

From the first campaign, I don’t see any attempt from the brand to create a differentiation. What the brand had tried to do was to establish brand familiarity which it had done successfully. But the brand needs to find a meaningful differentiation if it wants to survive for the long term. The brand can develop its positioning further using its core brand promise of ” Guilt-free snack for hunger moments “. 

One of the most striking aspect about this brand is the packaging. The company has put in lot of work behind making the packaging stand out in stores. Since the purchase of snacks are highly spontaneous, the packaging offers immense strategic importance. Hippo has really differentiated itself from the rest of the crowd in the packaging front.  

Another aspect of the brand is its emphasis on ‘ After-Marketing”. After- Marketing is what the brand does after it has sold itself to the consumer. Like Appy Fizz, Hippo has cleverly used the packaging to engage the consumers after the purchase. The pack contains interesting information and one-liners which takes the brand-consumer conversations beyond advertising. 

As a new product launch, Hippo has done all the right marketing moves. The brand has a catchy name, good product qualities, excellent packaging, nice pricing, distribution reach etc. It has also created right kind of noise in the media during the launch. The real test is after the initial euphoria. The brand is fighting players with deep pockets. It will be interesting to watch how Hippo takes on the giants.


Dear Readers, as a bonus for having read this piece, I am now giving you a link to which you should go if you love Punjabi folk songs and dancing to Bhangra beats. Yes a HIPPO is very much part of the song and dance show.  

E N J O Y !! Balley Balley :



India’s top recruiters


Here is what I wrote to BT in response to a lead article on an issue :

Dear Sir, 

Your latest issue on ” India’s Top Recruiters” (BT 13th June 2010),was timely and topical.
It was good to know about the changing mindset of the job aspirants who now view the job profile,brand of the recruiting company and the career growth opportunities as more important than the pay packets and perks as hitherto.
Last year amidst recession etc any job was welcome and was better than no job at all.Now with the economy on the upbeat and top recruiters visiting campuses with renewed efforts to grab the top brains.the batches of B School pass outs have welcomed recruiters and have opted for even lower paying jobs but tagged with assurance of a good work culture,a clear promotional policy and a conducive environment for serious workers.
Lets hope both the recruits and the recruiters mutually enjoy the fruits of hard labour !
 New Delhi
Now here is the copy of my letter in its abbreviated form as published in BT issue of 25th July on ” Home Truths”:
Picky About Jobs
India’s Top Recruiters (BT June 13) offered a timely and revealing account of the changing mindset of job aspirants today.As increasing numbers of job seekers place more emphasis on job profile,brand value of the company and career growth opportunities,these attributes are viewed as being more important than fat pay packets and perks.-
-J S Broca  

Katrina Kaif …Stardust Cover Girl..April 2010

Dear Readers,

Here is a copy from Stardust magazine’s website with a write up on Katrina Kaif and my comment published there recently when I had visited the site :

Katrina Kaif – Stardust Magazine (April 2010)

March 28, 2010

Katrina Kaif – Stardust Magazine (April 2010). Katrina Kaif sizzles on the cover of Stardust Magazine for the month of April 2010. Katrina Kaif is currently standing on a path with two roads on one Salman Khan other is Ranbir Kapoor, she is unable to figure out which is more profitable (?) Few days back there was news that Katrina and Sarah Thompson ( an american actress and co star of Rajniti ) had a fight over Ranbir Kapoor but reason is unknown. Hope Katrina will clear the rumors. Checkout Katrina Kaif Stardust Cover Scan.



One Comment on “Katrina Kaif – Stardust Magazine (April 2010)”  
J S BROCA – Your comment is awaiting moderation. Thu, 8th Jul 10 9:41 am 
10 9:41 am 
  1. The Web’s Deadliest Searches :

    This is a snippet from a reputed magazine.As per a report by a security firm McAfee, it has identified over 2600 popular words,which when keyed in on any popular search engine,exposes a computer to hackers.Some of these words are :
    Waptrick,Katrina Kaif,Orkut,Yahoomail,Shahid Kapur,Rediffmail and How To Earn Money.As per the survey,out of above, Katrina Kaif search on an average has been around 28.6 % of all searches,while How To Earn Money has been around 16.7%.So dear computer buffs,beware of Katrina-surfing or else, you will risk your computer to malware.
    Reading this snippet,tickled me pink and this is what my grey cells came out with :

    Kaif Katrina,
    Oh,Kaif Katrina,
    You are one gazab ki haseena,
    Agar search kiya tujh ko,
    Tau kya milla mujh ko,
    Ek saala hacker,bada hi kameena
    Computer ko diya malware ka paseena,
    Dushwar hua apun ka, marna aur jeena.
    Kaif Katrina,
    Oh, Kaif Katrina !!
    So let’s learn a lesson from this news item.
    Don’t search for such cool and se_y babes on the web.
    It may be deadly for you and your computer.
    – J S BROCA
    08TH JULY 2010