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I have just received a New Year Planner (2009) from my Bank.Its cover says:”Looking through the mind’s eye “.
It has been brought out by the Bank in partnership with National Association For The Blind (NAB in short) .
It has 12 wonderful thoughts on Positive Thinking,one for each month.I would like to share them with the readers.
1. I take full responsibilty for every aspect of my life.
2. I think positive thoughts,because every cell in my body responds to every thought I think and every word I speak.
3.My heart forgives and releases.Inner piece is my goal.
4.The great ways to wisdom and knowledge are always open to me.
5.My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy.
6.I cross all bridges with joy and ease.
7.Freedom and change are in the air.I discard old ideas.
8.Every experience I have is perfect for my growth.
9.Wellness is the natural state of my body.I believe in perfect health.
10. I am constantly moving forward in the direction of my goals.
11.I expect life to be safe and joyous.I attract all that is good ?
12.Every problem has a solution.Learning is easy and fun.

Let us ponder on these thoughts and I am sure we all will be better persons.
Before I sign off,here are a few  lines from NAB’s introductary write up in the planner :
“India has the world’s largest population of blind individuals.
Out of the 10.5 million blind in India, 3 million are children.”
To know what NAB is doing and what we can do in turn,please visit their website:
Here’s a link to a slideshow on thinking positive:
Here’s another link to a video show on the subject:
– J S Broca


Dear Readers,
When my daughter Harmeen Kaur,was studying in the final year of BHMS in Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital,New Delhi (2005-06) she wanted to write something for her college magazine.So one fine day,we both sat down to decide what to write. I suggested to her to write something in a funny vein.Ultimately,we decided to write a poem using all the letters of the word HOMOEOPATHY.
She came out with the names of some common medicines and the diseases for which they were used.Then we both sat down to apply our minds and after about 7-8 hours and 3-4 drafts,we came out with a really funny as well as a useful piece.We sent the final draft to her college for consideration for publication.However,it so happened that the college’s magazine committee did not meet and that year no magazine could be published.I feel that had the poem been published,she would have got rave reviews for it.
While going through some old files last week I came across a copy of the poem-a labour of love,and so I decided to post it on my blog.
The introductory part has been suitably modified for sending to a homoeopathic magazine she subscribes to (Vital Informer).
Here it is:
 (For better  or for worse?)  
By  Dr  Harmeen Kaur  (BHMS) (DU)
I am a full-fledged doctor.I did my BHMS from Jawaharlal Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College of Delhi University in 2007.It is commonly daid that doctors are usually serious persons because  the nature of their jobs is serious.However,there are some exceptions.(I hope I am one of such exceptions ! ) I try to retain my sense of humour,come what may.
One fine  day I decided to exercise my grey cells and write something about Homoeopathy.Deciding was OK but the difficult job was to decide the topic on which I should write.I was of the view that my article should be liked by the readers and it should be of interest to them. At the same time, I felt, it must not be a serious sermon on the subject and it should tickle the funny bone of the readers.Having decided this,I set out to write a poem on Homoeopathy.
The result of my hard efforts of a whole day is before you.
Each line of the poem begins with each letter of the word HOMOEOPATHY,one by one.
Read,smile and enjoy !!
H   is for HEPER SULPH,which is nothing but,
     sulphuret of lime,
     It is effective for suppuration,cures
     abcess in no time !
O   is for OPIUM,which is dried latex of poppies,    
      when popped into the system,turns
      men to sleepy floppies !
M   is for MERC SOL  or soluble mercury
      if you please.
      It is an effective remedy for a
      disease called syphilis !
O    is for OLEANDER,that cures
      paralytic strokes,
      Oh! Don’t confuse it with Leander Paes,
      the famous tennis bloke !
E    is for EUPHRASIA, thats good for
      conjunctivitis and watery eyes,
      This remedy finds favour with doctors
       And I never tell any lies !
O    is for OXALIC ACID, a good remedy
       for Reheumatism,
       Its got nothing to do with an Ox
       licking its tongue under hypnotism !
P     is for PHOSPHORUS thats good for
       burning sensation in the spine,
       You’ll start jumping likea cat that has 
       lives not five,but nine !
A     is for ACONITE,for patients
       who fear death,
       Provided,they take it in correct dosage,
       It will restorethem back to health !
T     is for THUJA , for feeling as if
       limbs are made of glass,
       Its called the tree of life,if you
       remember this,you’ll pass !!
H     is for HOMARUS, or digestive fluid
       of a live lobster,
       That controls dyspepsia, sore throat
       And headache , faster !
Y     is for YERBA SANTA, a remedy for
       Bronchitis,asthama and whooping cough,
       Santa Claus comes in December,the last month,
       So I think,this poem is now enough !!
All  the readers of Vital Informer,who are devout followers of Homoeopathy ,will remember th names of some homoeopathic medicines and the diseases to which they are applicable,by recalling this poem.
I also hope that by reading this poem,some readers will be inspired to write something on on other alternative systems of medicine as well such as Allopathy,Nature Therapy,Urine Therapy,Magnetic Therapy and so on, on other such therapies,but in a funnier vein.
So,pick up your pens,strike your “funny bone” (yes there is one such bone in our body) and shoot off your pieces to Vital Informer.If you do that,I’ll feel really happy.
Those who wish to know more about the doctor who is the father of Homoeopathy may please go to or click on the follwing link:
Samuel Hahnemann
Feedback may please be sent careof my e-mail


About my association with “SCREEN”
The readers who are die-hard fans of Bollywood like me, must have surely watched the NOKIA 15th Annual Star Screen Awards function telecast on 25th January 2009 on Star TV.It was a glittering affair.
Connected to this event,I now reproduce a letter of mine written to Screen on 19th Sept 2009 on the ocassion of its 57th Anniversary.
Alas ! It did not get published (Editor’s decision is final….) However, I would like to share it with my readers,since it reveals about my association with Screen since decades. 
Dear Editor,
I am sure old and loyal readers of SCREEN,like me,will be overjoyed to note that our weekly magazine will be celebrating its 57th Anniversary.HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS AND MAY SCREEN  REACH MORE STARRY HEIGHTS TO THE DELIGHT OF ITS READERS.
By the way,I am now a young man of 59 (Born in 1949).I have been reading Screen since I was in the 7th standard in my school days (1961 or so) I used to wait anxiously for my copy of Screen every Friday.My late father was a Ticket Collector in the Railways and he used to stand near the exit gates of a railway station in Gujarat (then Bulsar, now Valsad).There was  an A H WHEELERS’ Bookstall just adjacent to the gate.The stall keeper was a great friend of my father and during his free time (when no train was expected to arrive ) he used to browse through the magazines on the bookstall sitting on a stool just near the gate.SCREEN was his favourite paper too.That’s how we developed the weekly Screen habit in our home.I remember how much I used to pester him on Fridays for  getting SCREEN  as early as possible in the morning—fresh from the press with its sweet inky smell and flavour.I used to glance it hurriedly ,hide it in some secret place ( so that my other brothers and sisters may not find it ! ) and rush to school.After returning from school in the late afternoon much to my mummy’s chagrin I used to go through the entire issue even forgetting my lunch.I used to cut and keep posters of heroes and heroines and my classmates were often jealous of my collection.Well those were the days.I have grown up with Screen and it continues to be my favourite magazine till today.Even now,I stand impatiently in my house’s first floor gallery every Friday morning and wait for the newspaper wallah boy who throws it from his bicycle with such an accurate aim that I catch it in my hands without letting it fall.Thank you SCREEN and Best Wishes to your entire team on this joyous occasion.
– J S BROCA                                    
Those who wouldlike to see a slide show of the AWARDS function,please go to or click on the following link:

E..N…J…O…Y !!

Nostalgia- XIV Genesis of a Pop-Song

Genesis Of A Pop Song
(The birth of my first Pop Song)
Readers will recall my recent posting regarding the birth of my first poem in Hindi titled ” Virah “.
Today, I  will take you to witness the birth of a Pop song.Pop means not only short form of “Popular” but it also stands for a Papa (yours truely).This piece of mine was published in my Bank’s house magazine,lovingly called “Taarangan” after its Star logo.A STAR is called a “Taara” in Hindi.The quarterly issue of March 2002 ( nearly 7 years ago) had published my loved creation.
I reproduce it herebelow:
I love singing.My daughter also loves singing.We are both Taureans gifted with the so called “cho chweet” throats.One day I asked my daughter to fetch me a glass of water to drink.I said:”Oh my daughter,give me some water.” She said:”Hey Papa that rhymes so well !” I said :” Yes,you can call it a Pop Song.” That made me realize that it seems so easy to make a pop song these days.Every Tom,Dick & Harry (“Aira,Gaira,Natthu Khaira”-if you believe in the “Desi” version.) seems to be jumping on the bandwagon with hopes of laughing all the way to their banks.Catch hold  of a dozen obliging cute chicks (who are dying for a spot on the TV these days) dressed in short glitzy nothings,with painted lips,gyrating hips and sexy looks.Add some disco lights in rainbow colours.Find a music-arranger like Ken Ghosh.
As for lyrics,you need not worry.Throw in some ‘Angrezi’ words here and there along with the usual romantic Hindi words like Ishq,Pyaar,Mohabbat,Inkaar,Ikraar,etc and pep them up with choicest foot-tapping bhangra words like ‘Balle-Balle”, “Shaava Shaava”, ‘Rabba Rabba”,”Sohna Munda”(handsome boy) ,’Sohni Kudi” (beautiful girl) etc.There,you have a concoction of a sure-fire hit Pop song which will feature at number 1, 2 or 3 on those numerous countdown shows on the idiot box.
I tried my hand at composing one such number.The “Water” episode narrated by me earlier in this piece,gave me the subject.Some catchy tune was required too.For that I was ‘inspired” by an old number titled something like:” Garam Garam Chai ( tea)”.So,my catch line became :” Cold Cold Water” (“Thanda Thanda Paani” in Hindi.)Now some unintelligible “RAP” words were required (to be spoken at a very fast speed).I thought of several short nursery rhymes I had mugged up in my Nursery/LKG/UKG days of bygone era.They certainly came in handy.
Final version of my Pop-Song ran something like this: Sample it.
1.Jackandjillwentupthehill (to be said at jetspeed in RAP style)
   Oh Balle,Oh Balle,Oh Balle,balle,balle,balle !
2.Littlemissmuffet satonatuffet
   Oh Yahoon,Oh Yahoon,Oh Yahoon,yahoon,yahoon !
Isn’t that a sure-fire bull’s eye ?
Well,if you like,you can add a few Hindi poems as well:
3.Machhli jal ki raani hai
   Jeevan uska paani hai
   Haath lagao tau darr jayegi
   Bahar nikalo marr jayegi.
   Oh Rabba,Oh Rabba,Oh Rabba,rabba,rabba,rabba !  
Having made the number,now find a sponsor ‘”Mangta Hai'”.I recollect having read in the newspaper that Reserve Bank of India has recently said that making films in Bollywood should be treated as an industry and that nationalised banks should come out with schemes to finance films.They should go one step ahead to finance such new budding and industrious Pop-song writers like me.Talent should not go waste you know.So,Bank of India, ICICI, IDBI etc,are you listening ? I also suggest that big industrial houses should also take it as a part of their social responsibilities to sponsor such Pop-song composers.RELIANCE, GODREJ, INDIAN RAYON, GRASIM,are you out there ? Of course you can avail generous FCT ( Free Commercial Time ) for your product promotions during those numerous breaks or display your Vimal Sarees,Good Night Mosquito Mats,Suiting/Shirting Fabrics etc on the jazzy sets while the singers are belting out their Pop-song numbers.KYA BOLTI TU ? Isn’t that a “Dhansoo”idea ? You bet your last rupaiyya,it is.
Meanwhile, all you POPs (fathers) out there,try some more of such concoctions at your end and become your family’s POP NUMBER ONE !!!
Happy Popping.
Yours Poppittypop,
– J S Broca
  Zonal Office,Lucknow.
Dear Readers,your comments,suggestions are welcome. 


Today I shall discuss a subject matter related to the super star of 70s and 80s-RAJESH KHANNA.  STAR & STYLE Magazine  had come out with a topic for controversy (Controversy NO:5) requesting its readers to submit their entries on the following topic:

rajesh dimple marriage

As usual,I had submitted my entry to the magazine on 15th April 1980 ( 29 years ago ).This is what I had written then:
Rajesh Khanna came with assets like a strong emotional appeal,an enigmatic smile,a romantic image and a sense of  total involvement in his portrayals.His un-photogenic face and common place looks were his liabilities but they won him masses of fans,who identified themselves in him.Success of ‘Aradhana’,’ Amar Prem,’ Kati Patang’,’Ittefaq’,’Namak Haram’,’Haathi Mere Saathi’, earned him epithets like “The Phenomenon”,”The Super Star”.
Having ridden the popularity horse,he turned egoistic and the horde of ‘yes-men’ made him their meal-ticket.”Kaka”,then a “somebody” ditched “Anju Mahendru” an insignificant starlet–a ‘nobody’.All sympathy was with her,who had been his source of hope and inspiration during his lean days of “Raaz”,”Akhri Khat”,”Baharon Ke Sapne”.
Dimple-Rajesh marriage was a ” she came,he saw, they conquered ” affair ! Dimple thought herself lucky to have hooked the darling of scores of female fans.Rajesh thought the marriage would give an upward boost to his sagging career,However,no miracles took place.”Anurodh”,”Mehbooba” etc bombed at the box-office.
In the long run,on self-analysis ,Rajesh realized that his own follies like irresponsibility,indifferent behavior,frequent flare-ups with Dimple and failure to compromise with changing trends of film-making ( eg multi-starrers) were solely responsible for this set back.
Thus,his marriage with Dimple has got nothing to do with his rise and fall from super-stardom.On the other hand,I feel if Dimple had not married at all,she would have emerged as the sensational super-star of the seventies.In short,the situation is best described as under: (with apologies to Humpty Dumpty)
“Rajesh Khanna sat on the wall,
 Rajesh Khanna had a great fall,
 His marriage with Dimple,and all his “yes-men”,
 Couldn’t put “Kaka” on the pedestal again ! ”
Rajesh has also realized this and seems to have come to terms with realities.There’s a tough task ahead of him,if he hopes to re-capture his ex-status.Best of Luck to him.
Dear readers, the above letter was not published by the magazine,probably because I had called a spade a spade and the magazine probably did not wish to attract his wrath !
Readers will recall that very recently,Rajesh Khanna had tried to make a come back with a movie titled :”Wafa- A deadly love story’.It was a dud ! Rajesh looked washed, puffy,paunchy…and a mis fit.His effort to comeback has failed miserably.He should realise that he has lost his charisma and his name will not fetch any returns to the producers.He should think of an alternative career–say becoming a professor/faculty member in any acting academy and teach (?) acting to aspirants.
Readers would like to know that Rajesh had married Dimple in 1973.He was 32,she was 16 .The marriage had been termed as ‘ cradle snatching’ in the media then.He divorced Dimple in 1984.Dimple made a grand come back in 1985 with “Saagar” which was a super duper hit then.The couple has two daughters.Twinkle and Rinkie.Twinkle is married to actor Akshay Kumar and they have a son named “Aarav”.Rinkie is married to an industrialist named Sameer Saran.On the whole Dimple has been doing better compared to Rajesh.She has been quite selective and has done meaningful roles off and on.
For those who would like to know  more about Rajesh Khanna ,they may go to the following link:
For those who would love to know about Dimple should go to:

If you wish to listen to a lovely song from Mere Jeevan Saathi picturies on Rajesh and Tanuja,then go to or click on the following link:



dimple in sagar


Slumdog Millionaire – The unfunny and the funny sides


Danny Boyles’s award winning movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is in the news. It was released in India on Jan 23, 2009 with a dubbed version in Hindi titled ‘Slumdog Crorepati’. First it won several Golden Globe awards and amongst other things it has been nominated for the Oscars. Results will be known on Feb 22, 2009. The Director, producer, star-cast, story writer, child actors, lead players and of course music director par excellence A R Rehman- all connected with the movie are literally in the seventh heaven. Initially, Big B (Amitabh Bachchan) in his blog, had reportedly criticized the makers and the film for showing the murkier and seamier sides (like the earlier images of land of snake charmers, human beings working as rickshaw pullers, Asia’s biggest slum being at Dharavi in Mumbai etc) of our country to the international audiences. Later on, as usual, he said: “Main ney aisaa tau nahin kaha tha. Yeh media waale yoon hi twist kar detey hain..” or some such words to this effect. By now many of you must have seen the movie or read about the film in the newspapers and magazines. I have also seen it.

Overall, the film is quite riveting. However, I feel some of the scenes could have been avoided or shown with maturity. For example:a child sitting in locked make-shift toilet (young Jamal!), in his enthusiasm to get out to see Amitabh Bachchan his favorite super star, jumps into and wades out of a sewer full of human excreta and waste! He runs to the crowd of stargazers who twitch their nostrils due to the obnoxious smell, and somehow manages to get autograph of AB on a photograph.
Another scene is from  brothel cubicles in the ‘red light’ district of Mumbai, where pimps and prostitutes are shown offering their ‘sevices’  in various downgrading degrees (of undress in case of sex workers) ( Some of you may say it is the ‘reality’ and a ‘fact of life’ and get away with it!).
The set of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) of AB fame has been well used as a background and of the quiz show. As a host, Anil Kapoor looks quite energetic. One of the twists in the tale is that during a commercial break and a visit to the urinal, Anil Kapoor acts as if he is obliging Jamal by giving
him some hints about the correct answer to a critical question (though in fact, it is the wrong answer). However, Jamal is clever enough to see through his con-act and manages to guess the right answer, much to the astonishment of Anil and others. Jamal has come up the hard way in life and luckily(?) all the questions asked by ‘computerji’ were somehow, related to his real life experiences and so, he comes out a winner. The film has a high excitement quotient (similar to the edge-on -the-seat-suspense till the last ball and the last run in ‘Lagaan’) and viewers enjoy it till the last and final question is correctly answered.
Lead players, Dev Patel and Farida Pinto, have given their best.They were virtually unknown faces till date but now with such exposure, they will not only harvest a rich bouquet of awards/ rewards but will also get a lot of other offers from Bollywood/Hollywood. The movie ends with a ‘Disco’ type song-dance on the railway platform. The words of this much acclaimed song of Rehman are “Jai Ho!” Forget ‘Jai Hind’. Say ‘JAI HO’ for the slumdog !

In a lighter vein, I feel the word ‘slumdog’ seems to have caught the fancy of the media and people alike. (There have been reports in some newspapers that some persons have gone on a ‘dharna’ to get the name of the movie changed as ‘slumdog’ as a word is felt nauseating and affects the sensibilities of some class of people.) I would say: “Every dog has his day” and “now it is the day of the slumdog.” Tomorrow, there may be a sequel movie or a book titled: “Slumbitch speaks thus !”
The other day, I saw an article in a leading financial daily, “Slumdog Entrepreneurs”. It highlights the success stories of people living in the slums coming up with profitable industrial/service ventures with the help of Government/Government Agencies/NGOs/Banks etc. Now words and expressions like: underdog, street dog, a stray dog, a dog’s day, dogged determination, let the sleeping dogs lie, barking dogs seldom bite, etc will take on new meanings if the word ‘slum’ is added to them.
To stretch the matter further, we may soon see a website titled :, an enterprising person may come out with a plan to bring slum boys and girls together with the prospects of marriage. Savvy marketing people may soon come out with: Slumdog Posters, Slumdog Cards, Slumdog brand dog biscuits, slumdog leather leashes, “I AM PROUD TO BE A SLUM DOG” tee-shirts, funny vests with slogans like:”I AM NOT A SLUM DOG! I AM A PLUMP DOG!” etc. Even Archie’s may come out with their latest ‘LOVE is… posters. One such idea: “LOVE is.. a slumdog eating a slumdog vada-pau at SluMcdonalds and loving it.” Another pointer: “Love Me, Love My Slumdog”. I recall those good old days when the RK film ‘BOBBY’ was released. The hype and the hoopla connected with its craze had lead to: Bobby Combs, Bobby Purses, Bobby Belts, and a host of other items sold on streets. I even recall of a ‘BOBBY HAIR CUTTING SALOON’, as well as ‘Bobby Caterers’, ‘Bobby Pan House’, ‘Bobby Chaat Walla’. I think soon we will have a similar situation with “Slumdog”. Possibilities are immense.
By the way, those of whom would like to read poems on dogs (poems on slum dogs are still not available) may click on or go to the following site:       

Those who would like to read a cute little poem, may visit the following site:
I also recall a sweet little poem from my schooldays about ‘A RAGGY DOG, A SHAGGY DOG..” I fail to recall its words just now. Maybe after a night’s rest I’ll think of it.
I think my pet dog Tommy is shouting : ‘Mujeh Bhi Slumdog Miilionnaire waali fillum Dekhni Hai. Bow! Wow!!” He must have heard about it from that dirty street dog near the street light post when he had gone there to do his morning ‘potty’. I pity him. He doesn’t understand the difference between a pet dog and a slum dog. I think I’ll take him for a walk tomorrow morning to a nearby “DDA’s JJ Colony”. “JJ” for those who don’t know, stands for “Jhuggi Jhopadi”. It is a little civilised word for a slum. Isn’t it?


My First Poem in Hindi

Further to my recent posting about my article titled THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS from my college magazine Kalachandra of 1971,I now take you to another endeavor of mine,which was also published in the same magazine’s Hindi/Gujarati section.

One way to test ones capability for creativity is to see a photograph and write a poem or a story on it.This method is being used by various recruiting agencies,as well, these days.I have been using this method since I was in school.

I’ll tell you how it all began….We lived in a railway colony in Bulsar (Gujarat) (1954 onwards ) since my late father was in the railways.All the children of the railway families used to play together,tell stories,enact plays,fight with each other,do “Kitty” (friendship cancelled) again make up,by doing “dosti”(friendship renewed)..You know how children are !!

There lived in our colony,a lively person,also a railway man,who loved children.He was a confirmed bachelor and did not have any family or children of his own (as I now re-collect) He was every body’s Uncle.We used to call him “Kaka” (uncle in Gujarati).His name was Maken,so we all called him as ‘MAKEN KAKA”!!

When ever he was free,he would call the children to his house and make them tell stories,recite poems,play word-games,prepare paper toys etc.One favourite game of his was to draw an abstract figure with a chalk on a black slate and ask all the children to look at it for one minute and then,one by one,come up to him and tell in his ears,as to what he had drawn.A simple curly line drawn by him, would become a girl’s plait for one,while a snake for another,a flowing river for still someone else and a foot path through a field for another child. Finally,he would announce as to what exactly he he had drawn.The child who had guessed it correctly,would be rewarded with a toffee ! We all took turns to draw an abstract picture (a doodling to be exact) and others would then guess what we had drawn.This game helped us to develope our imagination.

This childhood game,later on, helped me in my creativity.I used to participate in writing and poetry contests in the college,and won many prizes.As soon as a topic was announced I used to close my eyes and start imagining and finally give a vivid meaning and form to my imagination.They call it “imagination running riot” these days.Then,it was just an effort at creativity.

One such poem,(which was written by me) born out of a vivid imagination,on seeing a colorful picture in some magazine,was published in the college mag Kalachandra.

Now,let me describe what that picture was about ?? It showed a beautiful,tall girl, standing all dressed up in her finest of clothes and bedecked with the most precious of all her jewelery,waiting for someone to come.Her eyes were gazing at the distant horizon.A “koel” (a cuckoo bird)sat on the branch of a tree just across her house.For whom was she waiting ? I imagined him to be her beloved.I gave words to my imagination and finally composed a poem in Hindi.It was perhaps one of my first poems.I have recited it in many Hindi poetry recitals in college and on Hindi Di was(Day) celebrations in the Bank and won some prizes and appreciation (“WAH ! WAH !”).

Here it is:
” VI RAH !!”

Koyal kali van up van mien kook rah hair.

Mann mien merey uth ek hoook rahi hai,

Din saawan key aaye,meethi yaadein laaye,

Tadpoon main virah ki maari,abhi takk naan saajan aaye !

Sanjh-saberey,baat nihaaroon,

Kar solaah-shringaar,tann ko sawwaroon,

Peeya milan ki aas naan mann sey jaaye,

Tadpoon main virah ki maari,abhi takk naan saajan aaye !

Kokila-kaali,koyee geet suhaana,madhur taan par gaa rahi hai,

Meri yaadon ki duniyaan mein,kuchh sunehrey khwaab saja rahi  hai,

Din naan gujrey,rainn naan jaaye,

Tadpoon main virah ki maari,abhi takk naan saajan aaye !
– Jitoo Broca      (composed sometime in 1970)

I’ll now make an attempt(first ever) to translate this poem of mine into English.I hope none of the original essence is lost in the translation.

Before I go further,let me clarify the meaning of the Hindi word ‘Virah’.It means ‘the pain of separation'(mostly from a dear one or say a beloved one!).It is exactly the opposite of “The Joy of Milan” (happiness felt on meeting a beloved one). “VIRAH ke Geet”-or Songs of separation,are there in many languages/cultures in India.Rajasthan is very famous for such compositions,as I understand ,but I don’t have first-hand information about them nor have I heard them sung somewhere.(Any of my readers who have knowledge of such sad songs,may please let me know.)

With the task of explaining the meaning of the title, being done with,let me move further:


“PAINS OF SEPARATION !!”                                                               






















– Jitoo Broca

My dear readers,on second thought,would the title of this translation, sound better if I called it:

“PANGS OF SEPARATION”? (Like pangs of hunger?)

Your views would be welcomed please.

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NOSTALGIA XI                                               
To most of us,who are fans of Hindi movies and love all things Bollywood-ian, the actress Rekha has remained an enigma.She has been called The Diva of Bollywood,A sex-symbol and what not ! The saddest part, according to me,is that somehow,she has remained unlucky in love.Her much publicized and maligned “affairs’ and “relationships” with AB and Vinod Mehra have been written about at length in gossip columns.She has wisely remained silent about her unrequited love .She had married one industrialist Mukesh Agarwal in 1990,but that did not work out and he reportedly committed suicide in 1991.
She has won several Filmfare,National and Lifetime Achievement awards for mainstream cinema as well as the so called ‘art’ or ‘parallel’ cinema.For those who would like to know more about her can go the following link:
Continuing my journey into my “affairs” with “filmy” magazines,I today refer to another topic of “Controversy” which was given to the readers of Star & Style sometime in October 1976.
I had sent my response to this controversy and the same was published in Star & Style issue dated November 5th 1976 (with Uttam Kumar on the cover) This is what I wrote :
Dear Editor,
REKHA can certainly make it to the top provided she takes her career seriously.She has given flashes of her acting talent in some movies like “Sawan Bhadon”,”Namak Haram”, and ” Dharam Karam”.
Merely acting as the ‘sex-symbol’ or “oomph gal’ behaving in a most immature way,getting in the gossip columns with every Kin Kin,Vin Vin and Bin Bin,making cheap sensational criticism about colleagues are not the sure steps to success.She must make  firm resolutions of not repeating those ‘ moody’ ,’ vanishing’ acts of hers and leaving poor producers in a jam.She should try to become a ‘gentle lady ‘ and stop all her unlady like mannerisms! 
By the laws of simple geometry,I’d like to point out that: ‘Rekha’ meaning ” line ” should try to reach the top ‘bindu'(point)-or zenith of her career,by (a) draping her “curves” for a change, (b) not involving herself into “Triangles’ and (c) not trying to prove that she’s greater than or equal to Neetu or Zeenat. 
She should pay more attention to solid acting rather than those invitingly liquid eyes,heaving bosoms or wiggling hips of hers.This is the surest step to reach the top and once there,she should work equally hard to maintain it,since,it is very difficult to climb the mountain,but very easy to fall,if one isn’t careful to watch his step. Adieu ! 
” Jeetu Broca”
As said earlier,I did not get paid for such contributions,but it felt good to know that ” I have ‘arrived’ ” in such elite magazines,read by many, and having a large following !! What do you say dear readers ??
For those who want to see her song from Umrao Jaan click on or go to:
Here is a link to one of the most beautiful songs picturised on Rekha and much talked about ” silsila” (affair) with Amitabh Bachchan :
I’ll end on that note.Close your eyes and think about this ravishing dusky beauty, who at the age of 55 (?) still continues to rule the hearts of many !! 


As I said earlier somewhere, I love reading,hearing and collecting humorous articles,poems,tit bits etc.
The bye-line of my blog is also amply clear-” Laughter is the Best Medicine.”
In this connection, I now go back to a letter of mine published in THE FINANCIAL EXPRESS news paper of 13th August 2000. ( nearly 9 years ago )  
Sometime in June 2000, FE had reviewed a joke book published by Khushwant Singh.
Yes that ‘young’ novelist,journalist,humorist etc who is still actively involved with writing at the age of 94 !
I quote an opening para about him from Wikipedia :
Khushwant Singh : born 2nd February 1915 in Hadali,Punjab, (which now lies in Pakistan) is a prominent Indian novelist and journalist. Singh’s weekly column, “ With Malice towards One and All ”, carried by several Indian newspapers, is among the most widely-read columns in the country.An important Indo-Anglian novelist, Singh is best known for his trenchant secularism, his humor, and an abiding love of poetry. His comparisons of social and behavioral characteristics of Westerners and Indians are laced with acid wit. He served as an editor of several well-known literary and news magazines, as well as two major broadsheet newspapers, through the 1970s and 1980s.
(Those who wish to read in detail about him,may click on the following link or cut and paste it in the address bar 🙂

Now,I happened to read the review of his joke book as well as the joke book itself,borrowed from a friend.I found that some of the jokes were stale and repeated from other sources.What took me by surprise,was the price of the joke book  – Rs.250/- !!
At that point of time,FE also used to come out with a humorous column titled ” LAUGH TRACK” in its Sunday issues.
I used to read that column as well and cut out and keep the columns in my collection.
So,this is what I wrote to FE and it was published as under :

A Letter
Dear Editor,
This refers to the review of Khushwant Singh’s Big Fat Joke Book in the June 6 issue of FE on Sunday .As the erstwhile editor of The Illustrated Weekly Of India  ( often dubbed as The Lust Rated Weekly due to Khushwant Singh’s penchant for such stuff ),he regularly included Sardarji jokes in his editorials and the Weekly’s joke page titled ‘Ha’ was very popular.
Singh has confessed somewhere that his joke books fetch him the highest royalty,much more than he receives for his other literary works.Hence,even at the ripe old age of 80 plus,he keeps pushing joke books to tickle the funny bones of his loyal readers.However,the price of the book Rs 250,seems to be a good joke in itself. There may be a few takers for this effort,which presumably is a rehash of old jokes hitherto often heard in various cocktail circuits or read in the humor columns of other magazines.
Frankly speaking, your ’ Laugh Track ’ column is more rib-tickling.With its witty collection of jokes,it is certainly the one bright spot in our Sunday mornings,which adds sugar and spice to our morning cuppa tea.
Say,why don’t you compile all the ’ Laugh Track’ columns and publish them as an accompanying supplement to one of your future issues ? For a change,send a copy to Khushwant Singh for his review !
As for me,I regularly cut,clip and keep ‘Laugh Track’ columns and on Mondays,during the lunch break,I share them with my office colleagues who have all become ‘Laugh Track’ addicts by now.Keep spreading the smiles.
Thanking you,
Yours laugh-trackingly,
J S Broca

Dear Readers,what was so special about this letter,you may be tempted to ask!
What I liked was the following bye-lines printed below the above letter by FE:
This week’s ‘Laugh Track’ is dedicated to you,
Mr Broca ! May your tribe increase.
I  now dedicate this posting to all the readers of this blog !

As a bonus, readers can see a short animation clip about a
person laughing if you click on or cut and paste the
following link in the address bar. ENJOY !!



As mentioned somewhere earlier, I passed out from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology,M S University of Baroda, having done my B Tech (Mechanical) in 1973 from this well known university.The college was locally well known as “Kala Bhawanto all the bus drivers and the rickshaw-wallahs and others in the  neighborhood of that area.I had joined the college in 1968 after a tough selection test for admissions.
Our college used to come out with an annual magazine called
Kala Chandra” which used to publish articles in English and Gujarati/Hindi.I still proudly possess a copy of the magazine of 1970-71 which was published slightly late and reached my hands in 1971 or so when I was in the fourth year of the course, referred to as  BE I V (Mech) (Roll no:204) .Two of my contributions were published in it.Today after almost 38 years,
I reproduce the first one in English here below : 
                                                    By  ” Jitoo ” Broca
                                                    BE III ( Mech)
Happiness is a state of the mind and not of the body.A man may flash a smile at you while greeting you,but whether he is really happy to meet you or not,only God knows ! A hearty laugh or a wide grin doesn’t indicate happiness.A person may be compelled to do so in the  company of his friends but he may really be a distressed person in reality !
As the word indicates,”happiness” is abstract; it cannot be perceived or made out by the physical expressions of a person.Happiness is something deep inside ones heart,that gives one an unbound pleasure.
Man has two types of needs–one of them is the materialistic one,and the other mental.The former comprises of things like an Impala,a bungalow by the sea-side,servants at beck and call and other etceteras of life.The latter includes peace of mind,freedom from worries and depressions and a frustration-less mind. In the present world,nobody cares a hang for the mental needs.Everybody seems to be running after things of luxury and comfort,whether they are obtained by lawful means or not,is not the question.
One may be lead to think that the materialistic needs are the secret of happiness,but it is quite wrong.A  rich man is often afraid at heart.He is constantly worried about the safety of his money and property.He doesn’t get a sound night’s sleep for fear of thieves and robbers.An unexpected knock at the door,during the day-time,sets him to jitters,thinking it may be the police-officer or the customs department or the ACB man!!
On the other hand,take the example of a poor man,with no lively means of sustaining himself.He thanks God for the day’s meal and he is not worried for the night.Yet,he is more happy as compared to the big shot.A poor man is more ready to help his fellow-sufferers.He will happily share his piece of bread with others.A rich man eats so much that the circumference of his belly increases frantically ! He wastes too much food and rather would feed his dogs and canaries than feed a beggar standing at his door !
Happiness cannot be achieved easily.This world has many flaws and evils that keep on puzzling us and there is no time to contemplate about ourselves.Even great sages like Guru Nanak,Buddha and Mahavira,left their homes at an early age,in search of happiness and peace.Happiness comes out of satisfaction .Satisfaction of mind and heart and soul.Be satisfied with what you have.Don’t compare yourselves to those who are better off than you ! And you will be happy-or rather happier than others.Have no worry and depression-and that is hard to achieve-only then will you be truly happy.Samuel Johnson,a great thinker,says,”Happiness is not found in self-contemplation ; it is perceived only when it is reflected from another .”
Readers will perhaps agree that, most of what  I had written in 1970 / 1971, based on my limited experiences and perceptions at that point of time, is still quite relevant today.
Let’s ponder on that point !!
I wish and pray for your Happiness in the New Year !
For those interested in knowing about M S University Baroda,may please use the following links :