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Lesson for Ranbaxy

Dear Editor,
This refers to your article ‘Lesson for Ranbaxy’ in BS of 18.07.08. FDA of USA which had earlier certified and approved the manufacturing practices being followed at Ranbaxy’s plant in HP, now seems to have created a controversy by alleging that sub-standard drugs were produced there. In Management jargon,it is said that “when you point one finger at others,three fingers are pointing towards you.” This issue raises serious doubts about capability, capacity, authenticity and transparency of the top-most body of USA. It appears that, like in India, there is still ‘inspector raaj’ in USA as well. Ranbaxy has given clear signals about its honest intentions by making available all required information to FDA to set the records straight, so that investors’ confidence in the company continues to be up beat and its shares do not take any more beatings from ‘manipulators’. Ranbaxy’s ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ should include an agenda to keep its house in order so that shareholder value continues to grow in future.